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3 Reasons Why Your Inner-Wisdom Matters

   Many underestimate the essential need of gaining and trusting wisdom. We have so many relying on the opinions and expertise of others that many will never find the courage to check the truth.

  Many trust word of mouth before wisdom. That’s why gossip is so popular. Some people seem to forget they we were built with flaws, which means that many will fabricate the truth. Wisdom gives you knowledge and the ability to form good judgement. I know that wisdom comes the spirit of the Lord after you have endured and the lesson of facing many trials in your life.

  James 3:17 NIV, ”But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”

      Wisdom will teach you about another aspect of life, which is meant to share with others! Wisdom bring forth fruit in your life and liberation. It helps you to befriend your intuition and begin to trust your instincts.

  I was once a person that would search for advice from others. I would vent so much to others as if they were God and they knew the battles I was up against. I underestimated the inner-wisdom I carried within self.

   For some reason I was attracted to others who was not sure how to function with their own issues.The reason being because I was attracted to who I was in that moment, which was insecure about my inner abilities and strengths as a person.

  It took a lot of forgiveness for self and other to recognize that I had enough wisdom to sustain me in any present moment. God didn’t bless me with a few gray hairs for no reason. I can admit now that I am a bit wise for my age (27).

   I believe receiving advice can be an hinderance because it convinces you that other’s advice is the knowledge you need. Many are not aware of the fact that inner-wisdom is the best advice giver. The reason is that you are the only one who can live your life path.

  James 1:5 CEV, “If any of you need wisdom, you should ask God, and it will be given to you. God is generous and won’t correct you for asking.”

1.Wisdom Helps You Gain Respect For Self

   Wisdom should always be at the top of your list. The interesting thing that so much people are looking for advice and allow others to lead them to make the mistakes they now regret. I have been there. I was always looking for answers to help me deal with obstacles that were heading my way.

   Wisdom come from enduring experiences and learning the lesson, which helps you to make a better judgment of opportunities, circumstances, and situations. Wisdom comes from God, which involves you to connect with the source above. Holy Spirit also is known as the divine spirit. You must learn to rely on wisdom when all the odds are against you because it is the knowledge that comes from the spirit of the Lord.

   Wisdom is a gift from God that should be cherished among self and others. Wisdom is a common sense of the Holy Spirit meant to free and protect the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Trusting your inner-wisdom allows you to gain respect for self. Everyone knows that knowledge is power, which also comes from the Lord.

2.Wisdom Is Interconnected With Integrity

  Wisdom is interconnected with integrity because both require you to operate in your truth based on the life experience and life lessons you have endured. Wisdom is more potent to the ear and spirit when the person becomes whole and comfortable in who they are overall.

   Wisdom will help you sustain in the righteousness of God and want you to obey his words. Wisdom is like honey to the ear! It’s sweet, nutrition, and wound healing. Wisdom is interconnected with integrity because it teaches you how to be honest with yourself. Letting you know all the instructions and directions you need to protect love, and nurture self lies within.

  All you have to do is be still, remain calm, and listen to the voice within. That may be the reason why you have that annoying feeling within to talk to someone. It may be time for you to listen and learn to trust the inner wisdom that lies within.

  Proverbs 1:7 NIV, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

3.Wisdom Assists You To Fulfill Obligations Or Agreements 

   Have you ever came across a difficult task, where you knew that you were not equipped to finish the task at hand. Well, this is opportunity where wisdom shows up teaching you how to apply your creativity to solve the issue at hand.

  Instead of looking for the right way to complete the task; focus on what the hard task is trying to teach you about self. When it came to me completing a task I felt I was unqualified for or didn’t receive the proper instructions.

   Wisdom told me to step back, close my eyes and listen to the voice within. When I obey the voice, I am learning every-time to trust myself to make the appropriate actions that help me along my life path. If you cannot trust your inner-wisdom, you definitely cannot trust anyone else’s. You will always find a reason why others are lying which may not be the case.

  When you chose wisdom, it’s your obligation to send praise to the Lord above, while he is equipping you with the knowledge you needed to pass the test that is essential to your life’s journey.

  Wisdom shouldn’t be seen as a burden or “old-fashion”. Wisdom is not just for the old but God is for the young also. Wisdom is not discriminatory or prejudice towards your living conditions, but it for everyone who finds the courage to ask for what they need from the Lord.

James 1:5 NIV, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”

Wisdom is your best friend learn to trust it!

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