4 Steps Of Standing Your Ground

Having the ability to stand your ground in life, whether it’s personal or professional is very important. Standing your ground gives you the ability to protect what is yours. We live in society, where our eyes are deceptive to what is good in this world. We believe that what is good for others must be good for us also. Having that perspective allows us to miss out on what God has for us. Having a perfectionist issue, I use to want good in my life so bad that I would want what others wanted also.

    To make my statement clear, I was confusing admiration with inspiration that I received from others.

Admiration is something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect. Inspiration is a process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative or feel something.  In other words, admiration is of the flesh, which relates to the pleasure of the body. Inspiration comes from within spiritually, which stimulates you to use your creativity to produce in this world.

I had to go through a process of figuring out what it is I truly wanted within as far as personally and professionally. While in the process of figuring who I was spiritually, I began to realize that I was allowing a lot of things and people to disrupt my space. I was allowing others to subject their opinions and visions for me. In the midst of it I was trying to make other’s vision of me and make it my own.

I have tried on many shoes throughout my life, but only one that fit the best was my own. My shoes were the perfect size as far as width and length.  My Shoes were the perfect style to my liking, and my shoes were comfortable enough to travel at my own pace in life.  Before finding my perfect pair of shoes, I had to go through a process of figuring out how to stand my ground.

(What do you stand for?) Figure out your purpose  

The most liberating thing to understand about self is that your life has a purpose. It is liberating because you don’t have to walk around lost for the rest of your life. Allow God to be your guide. The best way to figure out what your purpose is to discover what you are most passionate about. What can you do in life that you enjoy so much that you don’t have to get paid for it? What in life brings out your creativity to the max? My favorite quote by Malcolm X is,

“A man that stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

This speaks volumes about the topic of discovering what your purpose is. Make sure you are not that person that decides to go with the flow of things because everyone else is. Develop your own individuality. Throughout my journey, I figured out that I am passionate about sharing authenticity, love, unity, and compassion because those are the things we barely see solemnly among society. I am also passionate about serving children and women in therapy also teaching them self-love, self-respect, and self-worth.

Figure Out What Your Intentions Are in Life

Having intentions allows you to have the ability to figure out what are you aiming for in life. My intentions were to assist others to feel the love, unity, and compassion in my presences.

Many times our intentions are good, but our plan of action is what could mess things up. I had to make sure that my actions matched my intentions, which goes along with self-discipline. Self-discipline is self-love. I discovered that my purpose corresponds to my intention, and I must be the change I hope to see in others.

Create Your Space

Since change needed to occur in my life, I needed to create my space so that change could occur properly. Sometimes a change requires you to distance yourself from things and people who no longer serve who you are becoming. The process of self-detachment from old habits and love ones can be truly hard; but the aftermath is truly worth it. God makes everything fall together in his perfect timing.

Figure out what you want your space to become for future tense. Remember your past life does not have to mirror your future.  I did not have much peace, support, and respect in the past.  Those three core values are important for everyone that decides to enter my space, and if they feel as if they cannot submit to them.  Then, I will decide to remove myself from their presences.

Allow “No” To Be Your Best Friend

Well, since you have worked so hard to create your space. You also have to work to protect your space. Protecting your space requires others and situations to hear No from you a lot. This skill was hard for me because I suffered with people pleasing. Sometimes using No with self is helpful also. For example, saying No to negative thoughts and habits allow you to grow into the individual you know you are spiritually.

I love myself so much not to allow negativity to be a part of my life. While, things in life will happen out of my control I have made a vow to myself not to allow things and people disrupt my peace, support, and respect. Peace allows me to stay calm in the midst of life circumstances. Support gives me the ability to bear the weight that life throws at me. Respect allows me to honor who I am and accept who I am when circumstances in life change.  Allowing No to be your best friend is very vital in protecting your space and staying focus with your purpose in life.

In the midst of completing your steps you will begin to recognize that your shoes fit much better than those around you.

Jeremiah 32:19 NIV reveals, Great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds. Your eyes are open to the ways of all mankind; you reward each person according to their conduct and as their deeds deserve.

Be Courageous today and create a space of positivity. Once that is accomplished don’t forget stand your ground because you matter no matter what others say and do.

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