4 Ways To Know When You Aren’t Being Honest with Self

     How many times have you lied to yourself about who you were, what you are capable of doing, what’s meant for you, or the narrative about your life? Sometimes we can be good liars, where you begin to believe the lies we tell ourselves every day. 

     I had a week, where I realized how much I was lying to myself. I lied to myself about not being able to embrace the new. I had to be honest and recognize what thoughts were apart of my imagination and what thoughts obtained the truth. I lied to myself that nothing could change. Being in the social work field, where you are constantly surrounded by negative energy and overwhelming energy. I had to learn really quick what was the truth and what was imagination. 

   I lied to myself that I couldn’t trust anyone anymore because I felt everyone was out to destroy my mind, body, soul, and spirit. Like my feelings can be trusted all the time. I constantly have to pray over those thoughts. I lied to myself that I was not responsible enough to make accurate financial decisions, and  I almost believed the lie that I was not able to move forward in life speaking of my career path, housing options, and family ties.

   It’s interesting because I am all for the concept of truth, and discussing how much I dislike when others lie to me or in general. For some reason, I was continuing this toxic cycle of lying to myself and failed to recognize it. Sometimes we never appreciate what’s in front of us until it is gone. I had gotten to a point, where I was constantly busy and lacking self-care. I notice when I lack self-care. I also lack self-love which leads to me to lie to myself. 

The time had arrived now for me to be honest with myself, establish some ground rules, gather more discipline, and obtain goals for myself. I am trying to get in the habit of evolving consistently. I hope I can help you to acknowledge when you aren’t being honest with self. Here are four ways to know when you are not being honest with yourself. 

1. You Have Racing Thoughts All At Once

    A racing mind is a mind filled with deceit and anxiety. You constantly telling yourself lies that cannot prosper unless you allow it too. Racing thoughts are toxic thoughts trying to spiral into your reality.   The best thing to do is to step back from the situation, allow yourself to feel your emotions, cry, and move on.

Ask yourself does your racing thoughts make sense? Ask yourself do these thoughts support you or hinder you? If your thoughts hinder you then its time to release them. Ask God to give you positive thoughts and focus on things that bring more peace into your life. Your running thoughts causes more harm to self than you can imagine, but you see the results over time in your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

2. You are Feeling Doubtful

   Along with racing thoughts results with you feeling doubtful. Doubting who you are, your gifts in life, your purpose, and your current stage in life create an atmosphere for depression to sink in. 

Feeling doubtful helps you to lack the self-confidence and self-worth. We all have a story to tell but doubt will convince you that your life story is either not interesting, it is not perfect enough, or it will not benefit anyone. When reality your life story could change the trajectory of other’s lives. 

Doubt is meant to make you feel less than who you are and it allows you to shy away from walking your true life path. The best way to fight against doubt is persistence and consistency, in which you prove yourself wrong about what you are capable of doing. Fight against doubt be proving yourself wrong by accomplishing what you told yourself over and over what you could not do. Be the person you always imagined to be and kick doubt to the curb. 

3. You are Constantly Second-Guessing Yourself 

   It is best to listen to follow your first instinct because it always leads to the answer to either your prayers or needs. Learning how and when to listen to your instincts involves you becoming more connected to your soul within. How many times have you second-guessed yourself in the decision you make just because you made a mistake? How many times have you second-guessed yourself because you felt guilty or unworthy due to past mistakes from circumstances that kept you wounded?

Be honest, it is okay to admit it. With so many distractions around us, it so easy to second guess your worth and your abilities because we are always being compared to the next person in occupations, family, friendships, and businesses. Everyone’s opinion about you and your life should not be trusted, but some should be taken into consideration or ignored. No one should know you better than yourself. You with you all the time, why not begin to build honesty and trust with self?

   Begin to learn who you are by facing the good, bad, and ugly of self by going places by yourself. How can you trust others more than you trust yourself? Once you begin to be honest with self, second-guessing will no longer be an issue. Confusion will no longer a place in your life.

4. You are Feel Jealous of Other’s Successes and Achievements

  First thing we say to ourselves when jealousy creeps up is that we wish we had or we wish we were. Those are lies we tell ourselves. We fill our minds with inadequacy and insecurity instead of confidence and prosperity. Women were created to do some remarkable things, which involves producing life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You cannot show up as your best self if you continue to fill your head with jealous lies of yourself and comparing yourself to others.  When you see someone who is inspiring, beautiful, and purpose-driven. The best thing you can do is learn from them, but don’t become a duplicate of the other person. Instead, use their light to begin to invest in your own. 

  The energy of their light should be transferred to you to promote more light into others. Until you understand that your problems, insecurities, obstacles, jealousy, and pain is not just for you. You will be able to focus on the bigger picture. You will begin to feel more comfortable to share your story with others without too many thoughts running in your mind, feeling doubtful, constantly second-guessing yourself, or feeling jealous of other’s progress or success. 

  Recognize that your emotions and Integrity Represents Significance Queen. You are precious diamond ready to shine. Being honest with yourself, will benefit your well-being not deplete it. XOXO.

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