5 Different ways to Practice Self-Protection

With so much violence and cruel things happening today, we are all looking for some sort of protection from chaotic around us. Instead of walking in fear, it time for us to begin to take some assertiveness in healthy ways to help ourselves and pray for others until they are ready do so. My favorite saying is, “How do you expect to take care of others when you are unable to take care yourself.”

That is what I call a conviction quote. It is time to stop running and began to deal with pain within as Kings and Queens that you are. We want to protect our families, children, friends, and other love ones who we cherish. While, most of us have a heart of gold; where we will jeopardize our own well-being for others, and I believe the best way to do that is start with self. Most of fail to self-protect, which is protection of oneself. In fact, many of us are unaware how to protect ourselves in a productive and effective manners.

Being once subjected to abuse and violence at one point in my life, I thought violence and abuse needed to be a part of my life, so much that I would feel very uncomfortable when it was not a part of my life. Since I did not the feeling of being uncomfortable I would allow or force violence and abuse to be a part of my life. If it was not others hurting me than I made it my mission to hurt myself with negative thoughts, unhealthy eating, reckless spending, passive boundaries, poor self-care, overworked, overwhelmed, worry, shame, regret, guilt, limited thinking, and self-criticism.

When I was hurt or disappointed by life, I always expect others to protect me; but I forgot the main ingredient of protecting myself. It took countless mistakes and wrongful acts for me to begin to self-protect in a healthy matter. To trust yourself, you need to know that you can protect yourself from harmful things the best way possible. Trust within strengthens your self-worth in your calling, life, and purpose in all areas in your life if you decide to practice it. I came up with 5 healthy and nonviolent tips to help you practice self-protection to boost your self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, and self-care in life.

1.Self-Protect Spiritually 

Spiritually, we must think about our flesh. We must work on not allowing our flesh to lead us in wrongful acts that we know are not fulfilling us in ways necessary. The more you give into your flesh, the more you are bounded to its commands. Remember God is your higher power, who direct, guide, instruct, and inspires to do the things he needed us to do. When you are led by your flesh, you have no room for God to grow in your life. You must get to the point, where we began to protect ourselves from negative energy or drama that we chose not to conform you.

We can communicate with others, but we do not have to associate ourselves with their actions in the name of being a friend. Prayer is the way to protect us from the unseen or unknown. Self-awareness and trusting our intuition is what saves us from issues that we do not have to deal with. The more you lean not on your own understand and more on your intuition, in which the Kingdom of God communicate with you through. You will be able to protect yourself from situations, circumstances, and people; who do not have our well-being in their best interest.

2.Self-Protect Against Your Thoughts

Many never take in the consideration that what we consume as far as the news, television shows, media, and conversation all have effect on our thoughts. The funny thing I always hear from others pertaining to the news is that they agree that it is negative, but they feel obligated to watch it because they need to know what is going on around them. As if their intuition and instincts are not enough. We must be careful not to let outdated traditions and customs to control and limit our thinking. It is not saying those customs and traditions were wrong, but they served a purpose at certain moment in time, in which applying those same customs and tradition may not be as influential as before. Whatever we believe in become a part of who we are.

Sometimes whether we agree with it or not. If we believe it manifests. Our thoughts control many things in our lives, which is our healthy, perspectives, actions, behavior, and motives. Many may agree with the quotes that says you are what you think. The best way to practice self-protection with your thoughts is not allowing yourself to be subjective to anything or anyone that disturbs your thoughts that makes you anxious, fearful, or produce overstimulating thoughts.

The interest thing is that many tend to indulge in negative conversations and the media as a sense of connecting with others, but I am here to tell you that there are different ways to connect with others without indulging into things that promote hate, shame, fear, lust, and scrutiny. Your mind is what you feed it, and you are what you believe in. Make sure that your practice self-protection by being proactive in choosing in what you believe in and what is worthy of your attention.

 3.Self-Protect Against Your Emotion

Now, our emotions are a great indicator to teach you what needs to be healed within, so never ignore them because they are significant. I am a fan of emotions, but I am not a fan in allowing your emotions to make decisions for you. I have made countless mistakes of always letting my emotions to create a check for me that I was not ready to cash. Basically, I was not ready for consequence that came with allowing my emotions to control me. Have ever had someone dump their emotions on your and you are left feeling the way they were. I explained in my previous blog post, “Being Mindful of the Energy You Give out.” Our emotions are energy.

We must practice self-protection by being empathic towards others without carrying other emotions as our own. The right way to empathize with others to be present with them in that moment, but detach ourselves or let go. We can pray and we still connect with others, but you must self-protect your feelings so you will not spread those emotions over to anyone else around us. I must practice self-protection with my emotions all the time working with clients.  I allow myself to be present with them with their stories, but send out light to them. Empathize does not mean you have the same reaction as the person telling you the story; but you allow yourself to connect with that person, while practicing active listening and encouragement.

4.Self-Protect Against Your Body (Physical)

Your body is your temple, which means we need to take more consideration in what you place in our bodies. I have struggled with eating the rights foods and staying consistent with it for a while now. It took me to develop illness for me to understand the importance of feeding your body the right foods to fight disease and not allowing food to contribute to my disease. Our body are meant to have natural energy without energy drinks or coffee. We are supposed grab energy from the food we eat.

I noticed the food I enjoyed eating was not giving me the proper nutrition or energy I needed.  I was either bloated, moody, or feeling swollen with water weight. Self- protection is protecting yourself from diseases and illness, many of us think that we must deal with diseases or certain physical health conditions. I know a healer name Jesus and I also know that God placed things here on earth to help heal us or cure us without side effects. I am working hard to try to improve my physical being by becoming self-aware and watchful of what I eat. Self-protection is getting rest also, which will eliminate anxiety, depression, and compassion fatigue. Your body was meant to prosper, but self-protection is also knowing and recognizing what works for you.

  1. Self-Protect Your Finance

Self-protection is figuring out what you are aiming to have in life as far as money goes. Are you ready to open a business or began a hobby? Maybe you want to save for emergency fund? I have learned the hard way that gaining something requires something else in your life to leave. Budgeting and being persistent with budgeting is something the best way to help you get something better in the long run. When you are working for your higher purpose and your family’s you have nothing to lose, but you will gain so much more. Self-protection in you finance is letting go an expense you know you can either do yourself or do without? I had to decide if I wanted to continue to be only a consumer the rest of my life. Self-protection in your finance is saving, budgeting, and figuring out priorities (Needs or wants).

Self-protection requires courage, assertiveness, self-love, and self-worth to understand that you deserve better and whatever God says is better for you. What works for me will not work for the next person and vice versa, which is okay. I must begin to love ourselves in the way, where we self-protection against anything less than what we deserve. These steps require us to be more proactive in that will strengthen, heal, and develop us in ways we never envisioned. Self-protection is not just taking marital arts, self-defense classes, or carrying a weapon for protection. There are many other healthy ways, where we can make the choice to decide to do something positive (shining our light on others).

2 Thessalonians 3:3 (NIV), “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.” That is all the self-protection you need when you are covered.

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