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5 Ways To Express Love During The Holidays

This is the best time of the year, but also the most stressful time for many. Holiday season is here, and everyone is currently scrambling around the mall and department stores to figure out new ways to express their love to others with material possessions. Sales are flowing and debt is rising for others to keep up with the Jones and trends that they may not be able to afford. Now, everyone has their different intentions about buying gifts, but I feel what a lot of people are missing today is the true love and joy that holidays are supposed to bring.

I must ask myself and you all were the holidays ever filled with love or joy or was it just that everyone was agreeing to live a fantasy that was always broadcasted on television. Maybe the feel of the holidays isn’t changing because maybe it’s our concept and intentions of self and life that may be time to change for the holidays to fill great again. Our holidays in America have been based on gluttony, greed, jealousy, and pride. It is an honest question for us to ask ourselves what are the purpose of us celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s, when we are left being broke, stressed, tired, and overwhelmed when the new year hits.

I was in the store on Monday waiting to pick up an online order at the Kohl’s department store, and everyone in the line was stressed, looking hot, and impatient. I could see bad energy constantly being transferred over to customers and associates throughout the store. I felt it was my job to be the light in the atmosphere, so I smiled through conversations with others ensuring that things would be okay. I recognized at that moment I had official overcome and ability to conquer the energy that was around me by picking which frequency I was choosing to function in.

Instead of walking around with despair, frustration, and sorrow like others, I begin to shift the energy of those around me by allowing my intentions to manifest the outcome I desired. Let’s begin to spread the love around us by being authentic with ourselves and others. I was inspired by my experience at Kohl’s and my recent celebration with my family that made me come up with five different ways to express love throughout the holiday to spice it up a bit.

1.Change Your Tradition

So, many of us are a focus on the act of traditions and customs that we forget to invite the spirit of love and joy into our traditions. Of course, there is certain material possession that makes up a holiday like a turkey or ham for Thanksgiving, Christmas tree for Christmas, menorah for Hanukkah, or kinara for Kwanzaa, etc. Whatever holiday others choose to celebrate, we should ensure that we inspire others during the holiday through our creativity. It is our creativity, love, consideration, and passion that allows the holiday to be as successful as its meant to be. What I mean by changing your tradition is to add something new and special for your family and friends.

I feel it is always nice to create traditions based on your family dynamic and interests by celebrating those holidays at different locations, going on a family vacation instead of the traditional family dinner, or you could include art or a game to create some more laughter and fun. If those ideas sound typical then check out Pinterest for new exciting ideas for adults and the youth to enjoy. I feel as humans because we are meant to evolve. I believe the holidays were celebrated should be evolving also; which is where our creativity plays a key role in.

Tradition is a transmission of beliefs that are passed down from generations to generations. If generations are evolving why can’t holidays evolve and conform to today. Not saying you cannot celebrate the holiday of your choice, but allow your ideas to evolve in the way you show your family love, joy, and laughter. Be your authentic self even if it is weird. What will you add to your holiday tradition or take away something that no longer serves our family of who they are today?

2.Shape your Holidays based on Your True Values

      Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in the routine of things that we lost sight of our values and the values that were shaped in the reasoning the holiday was so worth celebrating with our families. In most families, it seems once a loved one passes away, others in the family seem to forget the values behind the holiday. The reason being is because the one who passed was the one who influenced the values in others in the family. It seems like the family pact is missing the one who ensured that those around were held accountable for their actions and intentions.

Many never think about the circle of life because many are dying to fulfill a fantasy that will never be our reality. We all have a different way of handling or grieving over the one who we lost, but it becomes an issue when we began to get stuck as if our time here on earth is promised. Ensuring that our values correspond to the holiday being celebrate creates positive vibes and intentions. For example, when others in the family are respecting and being considerate of other feelings and circumstance. The environment becomes welcoming and accepting for others to participate in the celebration. When our values use for material possession instead of people there is usually negative vibes and conflict, which creates an atmosphere of tension and stress.

3.Allow Your Holidays to be a day of Rest and Peace

I believe celebrating the holidays should not feel like work, and if it does then it means you are doing too much. Your focus and intentions are currently unbalanced.  I feel planning for the holidays should be fun and exciting, which is where creativity fits in. During preparing, rest and peace should be a priority also.

I know in my family people do so much shopping for food and other possessions that when the time comes to celebrate they are wiped out that they cannot focus on the present moment which should be all about love, peace, and laughter. If you are hosting the celebration or not, rest and peace should be your main priority.

Recognizing that pleasing others is not the goal, but celebrating is. It should all be about socializing through joint activities that bring peace and rest to others around you. Recognize that your energy is far more important than your perfected idea of celebrating the holidays to impress others. Take care of yourself, while trying to hang and help others to celebrate also.

4.Ensure that Holidays are filled with Fellowship

Ensure that your holidays are filled with fellowship meaning that you all can create a friendly atmosphere, where your family and friends who share the same interest of loving, living, and laughing together. The Greek word for fellowship means, twelve times, and sharing. The fellowship is all about sharing, participation, and contribution, where you are sharing the positive attributes that lay within ourselves and others.  You are contributing your positive attributes to manifest a positive environment and your participation of being a presence at the moment allows you to move on from the past. Moving on from the past, allows you to recognize the gift of life is in front of you, while knowing you are safe, loved, and free.

Fellowship should be a place, where others can be who they want to be without putting on a mask as if everything is okay. It should be a place of support and honoring of one another because we all woke up that day and we should rejoice and be glad in it. For some, this concept may be too unrealistic because no one has never attended an event, where others were getting along and fellowship was one of the priorities. All I can say just because it has never been done in your family or out of the norm does not mean it cannot manifest into reality. If you believe that all things are possible with God, then you should believe in fellowship with your loves on the holidays.

5.AllowYour Holidays to Be Filled with Authentic

In the words of Drake from “Fake Love”,

“Something’ ain’t right when we talkin’, Look like you hidin’ your problems, really you never were solid.”

No one likes the feeling of fake love. I may not be able to speak for you, but I know I cannot stand it. I feel it’s unnecessary and waste of energy. It takes too much energy, where you ended up drained at the end of the day to portray something that you are not. I must show grace because not everyone has arrived yet. The point is ensuring that your holidays are filled with authenticity meaning let’s support others who are in a trying season and recognize that pain is all about growth and life. Everyone may not have the funds or emotion capacity that they wished to have because of healing or personal reasons.

Do not talk about them by judging them and criticize them but open your heart to help others in need and do not expect anything in return. Yes, I said it. Do not accept anything in return because if you do then it means you were not giving from the heart and you were not operating from your authentic self. Your authentic or higher self is always operating in selflessness, which the holidays is a great time to operate as your true self. I am positive someone will benefit from you being you. Happy Holidays and let’s begin to serve others the way God continues to serve and love us.

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