Walking The Lonely Road of Your Path

This blog post is for those who have deep soul yearning to walk their own path in life, but have everything in the world telling them they are insufficient, they are not good enough, too old, and too ugly to walk the path that God has asked you walk on. This blog post is for those who are willing to walk their own path, but they are stuck because they are distracted by fear of lack and lost. This blog post is for those who are trying to find strength and the courage to walk a path that no one has walked ever walked on in their family or in their neighborhoods.

My response to that is the sky is your limit. I believe that most of us are walking with depression, anxiety, and constant stress because we are either functioning in realm that we are not meant to walk in or we are living a life that goes against our spiritual path or calling. Many feel that their lives should corresponds to the opinions and the perspectives of others. We must ask ourselves are we living for others or are we living for God. For those who have not fully committed their lives to God, this is for you also because you know that there is deeper calling for your life, but you cannot find anyone around you for guidance or trustworthy enough to do so.

I am writing this blog post because I was once every person listed above. It can feel lonely and hurtful to walk your true soul’s path in life because you begin find those you love to question who you are. I would get truly upset at that circumstance at one point because I use to feel that through it all love ones who should not question, who I was because they knew my heart. I have learned that the Universe used love ones to question who I was as a test is that I was walking your true soul’s path. Here are three ways to keep your focus while walking on the lonely road of your path:


We all know faith without works is dead. Faith comes by hearing the word of God and believing. You walk you path with faith despite the odds that are against you because you know that battle is not yours and God is by you side.  Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Walking on a lonely road can have you questioning the path you are walking by asking God and even self is it even worth it. Faith is knowing that God will provide, protect, and stick by you no matter what the circumstances says. Faith also comes in handy knowing that all things will work no matter how broke you are, or how broken you are, or how look or feel. God have the ability keeping his word and making sure that what he told you would manifest does.

2.Ensure you align your mind for what you expect (focus on the good)

I cannot tell you how hard it is for me sometimes to face an obstacle without reverting to old self of complaining, whining, playing victim so someone can come save me from all the hurt and pain. With some maturing and letting go, I realized that I did not want to play victim to the point, where I continue the cycle of feeling stuck among the obstacles and difficult circumstances I take. Aligning my mind with my expectations relieves anxiety and stress. I always me to accept what is in my life and began to move on to creating I life I deserve for myself.

Accepting “what is” is hard, especially when the situation is not your desired outcome. Accepting what is allows you to live with freedom that you were meant to live in, which is free from stress, anxiety, and depression. Take a deep breath, exhale and release because the circumstance is not that bad. Trying to switch your prospective, where you are enlightening by the situation instead allowing the obstacle to control you or overpower you. The choice is yours.  The digging that God is doing within is only to meant to be because he is planting a seed in your life to prosper you not harm you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

  1. Walk with Confident and Strength That There is no one Like You

Walking with Confident and strength is well need when walk on the lonely road of following your path in life because you have many things around you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially that will tell you are no worthy enough to live your own life. Sometimes it is hard following your own path because you are unsure as too where you are headed.

I can understand why other choose to live a life like others because the life path is predictable and know how the story ends. As humans, we enjoy predictable, whether it is good or bad. Why do you all think we tune in to watch the weather every day or frequently It is okay to be in a season of predictability. Just know that it better to live with confidence regardless how the overcome ends up. We must get to a point, where I accept the fact we gave our life to Christ and we surrendered our own plans for our life also.

Continue to walk the lonely road of your own path in life because in the mist of it all God is strengthen, growing, maturing, pruning, protecting, and preparing you for what is to come. The hurt, pain, sorrow, and losses all serve a great purpose. Keep moving forward because your passed tests will be a testimony that will assist with setting someone else free and healed. Don’t be discouraged if you feel that you are being overlooked in different areas in your life because once God is finished. You will be head and not the tail. Embrace yourself because you are the only here on earth who can sing like you do, writing like you do, speak like you do, or perform like you do. This path was only meant for you to walk no one else. You got this!

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