Welcome to H.E.I.R.S. (Her Emotions And Integrity Represents Significance)

Vision: H.E.I.R.S is to Glorify God and the Holy Spirit (Jesus) through Therapy for Millennials and Generation Z women for the culture. Helping Millennials and Generation Z to feel excited and empowered to recognize their emotions and mental health through writing and visual art. H.E.I.R.S is empowering Millennials and Generation Z’s to realize that her emotions and Integrity Represents Significance.

This blog was created to empower self-love on a spiritual and emotional level among women from different walks of life; while promoting women to walk their authentic path in life and embracing their femininity (good, bad, and ugly). H.E.I.R.S is looking to create a space, where honest and raw conversations can be shared among women by providing a different perspective on living life adapted through life struggles, disappointments, joys, and perseverance.  H.E.I.R.S. looking to ignite conversations on a societal and spiritual level to provide understanding and healing.