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Evolve Emotionally: Do not Allow Others To Project Their Guilt onto You!

One issue I have experienced a lot with others is carrying the weight of how others treat me and calling it my problem to solve and deal with. Reality check: Carrying the guilt of others for their actions towards you is very toxic trait, but yet so much of us do it. What I have …


5 Toxic Behavior Cycles Affecting Your Relationship with Others & Yourself

     There are many toxic behaviors that many tend to believe they are normal survival tactics for their life. They are accepted and followed among others because it taught others how to function in a dysfunctional situation. For some reason, we do not want to change our toxic behavior until life causes us to do …

Spiritual Sunday

Drama: Destroying the Things Near You

Emotional trauma stems from overwhelming and stressful events that affect your sense of security and wellbeing.  Emotional trauma can make you feel helpless and fearful of the world around you. The cause of the emotional trauma comes from experiences often involving a threat to someone’s life or safety, where it leaves you in an overwhelming …