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Clamorous: A Confused Female Outcry

Women are constantly fighting for their rights over their bodies, minds, souls, and spirits. Trying to figure out how to function as a woman and how to survive as a human being. Subjected to so much abuse, abandonment, and frustration. 

  Many responded with uproar when they found out that the state of Alabama decided to pass a law where women will be sentenced to long-term sentencing if they are convicted of abortion. 

  Rep. Terri Collins (R), who is a woman. She is one of the officials who agreed on the bill. Terri felt that the bill was going to help out with the number of abortions. This is interesting considering that she is a woman. Many times we are our worst enemies. Trying to fight the fight against others. Most of the time the battle exist against self. 

I have an issue with this because so many people are talking about men making the decision for women. Has anyone acknowledged the fact that there was a woman willing to implement laws against a woman’s body? We are bashing men, but there many women going to office committing the behavior as men. My question to you (If you were an uproar by abortion law and bashing men) Is it worth attacking the person or it better to correct the behavior in self and learn to lead by example? I am sure we all have contradicting beliefs about women that goes against women’s rights?

We all want the crime to stop, but everyone wants to control and fix others before fixing themselves. It is time to fight for what’s righteous versus what is right.

I would say I am pro-choice and pro-life, where I like to place the balance in both perspectives. I believe that we should have the freedom to do what we want with our bodies, which corresponds to our free will here on earth. 

  We definitely need to acknowledge that each decision corresponds to consequence. Every decision that we make does have an effect on others around us. I do not believe in abortions because I believe despite the circumstances.  God can turn an ugly situation into something beautiful. Abortions do harm to the baby and the woman’s body, which could cause her to deal with infertility later on. I definitely understand that it is a hard pill to swallow and a decision to make. 

 We never know what the purpose of the child may be, who was conceived in an unfortunate circumstance. As I would do not condone abortion. I do not have the right to control nor do I want to tell others what to do with their bodies. We must get to point, where we give people more opportunities,  preventions, and education. I feel that people will always do what’s best for them whether it’s the law or not! 

    I feel this is an outcry because this is another opportunity for women to heal from the emotions after either having an abortion, experiencing the hurt of allowing others to control her body without having a say in it, and fear that women’s rights are in jeopardy. 

   This could lead to an individual feeling that she has to always fight for her rights all of the time, which will allow her to walk with defensive. Where she is ready to attack everyone who threats her rights, body, or opinion.

I feel that abortions are women’s outcry and so is infertility. Once again the perspectives are polar opposites creating fiction among one another. There are women who abort children they were given and we have many women who aren’t able to conceive for some reason. I feel that the child is the one who always loses in the end.

Bring a child into this world, can be radical discussion to talk about because we are bringing up topics that touch the deep wombs of women that many will never want to admit. 

This is due to embarrassment, related to a dark past, or emotional resentment. I mean, we must admit that having babies is not quite praised in the way it should be. 

   People tend to make you feel guilty before telling you congratulations because it resonates to the time when we were given the same treatment that they have not healed from yet. Hurt passing on the fear they felt from the past. 

I never had an abortion and I have not been pregnant before. I was always terrified of bringing a baby in this world because I did not want my child to endure the pain I felt.  I never want them to hurt if it’s up to me.  I was also selfish and did not mess up my body or give myself up for someone. It sounds terrible, but it is true. That was the mind of an unhealed little girl.

  Many years I was selfish and if I did have a baby I was not ready I would say I would get an abortion. That perspective was coming from a narrow and fearful perspective. My main focus was not disappointing my family and want them to see my success in school that they worked so hard to help me achieve so I thought. 

Having babies was definitely a topic of discussion where it was not really promoted or embraced. It is interesting because my family loves children but we do not want to carry or produce our own. 

 There is stamina in our family where birthing children is looked badly upon. It is not really celebrated as it should in my opinion. Having multiple children was seen as wrong and having the societal norm of one or two was perfect. This will explain why most of the women have zero to the most two children in our family, which is not much. We spend most of our time working and not living. I am pointing this out because I am acknowledging where I got my past concept of conceiving from. 

In my family, we do not trust female gatherings and stray away from talking about our true emotions as a woman. I am currently trying to work against those odds that are leaving many women in my family alone. I believe it stems down to the dysfunctional Mother-Daughter relationship with one another. This comes from distrust our Mother-Daughter relationships or we are still holding onto hurt from our Mothers. 

Our Mothers are the first females that teach how to interact with other females. They tell us or show us how to function, what is appropriate and what’s not. Many women didn’t have the proper role model or didn’t have a role model at all. The only role models we have are the supposed who have successful careers but do not have the proper love they yearn for. 

Being honest, I was heading down that road. Terrified to have children because I felt I was unworthy of being a mother even though I love children. Listening to hurt women or women who didn’t achieve their dreams to ditch having children or relationships but be selfish. It could have been the way I interpreted the message. Being honest, I had my own selfish reasons why having children was a no go for me. It does make it right, but it does correspond to my journey as a woman. On how I felt when I was a fearful woman, an unworthy woman, an unhealed woman, and a selfish woman.

   I was just a wounded and confused individual.  I never wanted to bring a child into this world, where they had to suffer from unforgivable circumstances like I had to endure. Once, again (conviction) it not in my control.  This was all based on my selfish and fear that having children were bad but taking care of them was more beneficial. 

  I was told not to have any “mixed-matched babies” growing up. This means having babies by different men. With all of the don’ts in the world and my family’s rules was proving my point why children may not have been a good fit for me. That is why you must be careful who or what determines your future because you are the one who has to live with the consequences. 

As I grow up spiritually with Christ, I began to discover my purpose and his plan for my life was far more different than my unhealed own. I recently just overcame my fear of pro-creating and conceiving a child. I wrote this blog post to let women know not to let the ways of this wicked world stop you from living out your true purpose of creating a life for yourself and others. What I mean by that is I believe that whether it takes you longer than others. 

We should have the opportunity to decide what we do with our bodies as well as live our best lives of having children, being businesswomen, and sustaining a God-fearing family. The reason being that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. We must continue to focus on the bigger picture and not our inequalities. 

We always see overnight success on television but we never see the pain and struggles that individuals faced before they received their success they hoped for. I do believe that there are different circumstances where I can understand why you would get an abortion. Just because I understand does not mean I condone. I will not disown your truth but I will consider it and hope you will broaden your perspective. 

Having children is hard work, spiritual, mentally, emotionally and financially. It definitely meant for the strong-minded and unselfish ones who are willing to give up their life and time. I had a hurtful heart, where I was not willing to give not much of myself. While God is making me whole, I know he will grant me the opportunity and the strength to create the family I need and always hoped for. 

  Basically what I am saying is Queens face your fear of your past. You may not have had the family you wanted growing up but it does not stop you from creating the family you wish for. I pray you to heal and travel on the journey of figuring out who you are what your journey lies as a woman or female. 

Your feminine power is not just to create life physically, but you have the power to create a life for yourself and others spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. 

You must find the power in yourself by connecting with God. You were brought to this world not to destroy lives but to create life and to show others how Jesus gave us everlasting life with love, peace, Hope, Faith, and truth. Do not settle for less but recognize this you deserve more for yourself and those connected to you. 


A Former Clamourous: loud outcry woman 

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