Spiritual Sunday

Drama: Destroying the Things Near You

Emotional trauma stems from overwhelming and stressful events that affect your sense of security and wellbeing.  Emotional trauma can make you feel helpless and fearful of the world around you. The cause of the emotional trauma comes from experiences often involving a threat to someone’s life or safety, where it leaves you in an overwhelming and isolated state. Once you allow God to clean you out spiritually from your selfishness, greed, and immoral patterns, you will begin to develop a high level of self-love.

As I mentioned before, everyone wants God’s rewards and glory, but there are not many who are willing to push themselves beyond the limits of what many people around them have placed them in. I am guilty of myself. Allowing the pain from the trauma to be your protector, your guidance, and the one who controls your every move is an overwhelming feeling. This allows you to be a slave to the many things of this world.  The reason I am saying this because the pain from the past will have you think that a blessing is a curse or curse is a blessing.  Living with the pain of your past will have you mistake someone who is for you think they are against you. The pain from your trauma will have you guarded or not guarded at all, where you lack the proper protection to guide you in the fight that you are facing.

There is so much destruction being exposed around us, where many a choice to laugh or mock the suffering of others. This tends to happen when a huge change is about to concur. We see many women missing and children who are dying in the hands of our drama and trauma that many of us chose not to give up on. Emotional trauma inflicted wounds, will have you in a constant battlefield with yourself and those near you, which is why it takes the grace of the good lord to help you to want to live a life filled with peace.

The trauma inflicted wounds will have you to desire the worst, allowing darkness to name you worthless, and find joy in things that are wicked and self-inflicted. We are living in a time, where there are many families who are being exposed to trauma every moment of the day. For what I have been observing is that unhealed trauma wounds are killing those near us and the harvest attached to us. There many who are afraid to walk a clear path with God because they know they will become foreign to those near us. For those who have suffered a large number of losses, not growing in Christ seems to better than to lose another person near if we have any control over it. I thought the same thing. Until I faced losses after losses, where I knew it was God calling to me to be something greater for him and his Kingdom.

Something I always struggled with was the yearning to belong to something bigger than myself. I would go around people those that looked like me, and I was rejected based on the point of view and beliefs that I did not agree with. There were toxic views and beliefs that I knew were killing the very people that looked like me.  I even tried to fit in with those who I had a history with me, and I came across jealousy and a lack of support in who I was becoming as a person.  I remember, lowering my standards, beliefs, and the tone of my voice just to fit in groups that I knew were destroying the very being of my essences.

I stayed because I was afraid to leave those near me, so I settled with being comfortable. When I was walking around with emotional trauma infected wounds, I was hurting everyone around me and did not know it. I was screaming out for help within and I found a small amount of support and a large amount of drama surrounded around me. The reason being was because I was attracting who I was, an unhealed person looking for drama to make me feel better about myself. As if my stuff did not stink.

Many of the things we see today are the fight against evil. (Ephesian 6: 12-13) “We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world. So, put on all the armor that God gives. Then when that evil day comes, you will be able to defend yourself. And when the battle is over, you will still be standing firm. “

Many are doing not understand how the enemy feeds on the drama and trauma of others, where we are seeing it constantly on television. Yet, life goes on for many, where we chose to continue to indulge in things that bring us more harm than good into our lives. All because we fear a change in our lives. There is a big factor for many who have suffered a large amount of trauma in their life with a lack of social support.

  1. Gossiping

When you are fighting against evil. The drama will always be near you, but you have the choice of whether you chose to indulge in things that no longer bring your peace or joy into your life. Once, you have encountered the goodness of the Lord. You will begin to understand the effects of karma and how God protects his children. This is a lesson for those who are of the Kingdom or not.

Luke 12:3 CEV, “Whatever you say in the dark will be heard when it is a day. Whatever you whisper in a closed room will be shouted from the housetops.”

The most common and easy thing to do is attack those with our words based on the hurt we feel inside. We believe that it is necessary because the self-righteous spirit will allow us to think that we are permitted to trash the name and reputation of others based on the hurt they have caused us. Facing losses after losses, God humbled letting me know that God does not play about his children including myself.

Proverbs 16:28 (CEV), “Gossip is no good! It causes hard feelings and comes between friends.

1 Timothy 3:11 (CEV), “Women must also be serious. They must not gossip or be heavy drinkers, and they must be faithful in everything they do.

Many forget that we will all reap what we sow, whether it is good or bad. This includes putting our mouths on other people’s circumstances or situations. God will protect his people, but he will also protect his people from a harmful situation even if it includes others within his kingdom. The moral of the story is to watch what you say or God will allow you to walk the very path you judge another person for.

  1. Wishing Bad on others

This is what you call a curse. Many enjoy wishing bad on others because it makes others feel worthy of themselves, but being honest no one feels good about wishing bad on others. Really, many would like the pain to stop and their enemies to stop attacking them. Desperate times call for desperate measures. What I meant by this is that many have and will wish the worst when they are feeling their lowest to feel protected within for a short amount of time. It is usually due to anger and frustration that causes others to wish bad on others since they dislike them, jealous, or hurt by the actions of the person.  You must ask yourself what satisfaction are you getting out of wishing bad on others. What are you gaining and what will you lose based on your actions?

Proverbs 19:19 (CEV), “People with bad tempers are always in trouble, and they need help repeatedly.

Once a hurt person has decided to gossip about a person or person’s situation, somewhere in the conversation(s), there will be some cursing going on, which is accepted widely among the public. I am guilty because I thought it was acceptable also until I began to read the book of proverbs and Psalms.  Why wish bad on others when you are passing on more hurt and pain onto, others which also a door for karma to work in your life or others. We are all connected. Whether you chose to do good or bad among others, we will all reap what we sow into those around us. I do not know about you but I will choose to continue to treat others well because I want to be a blessing so I can bless others.

Romans 13:10 (CEV), “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.


You will be a bit surprised by what others will do just to win. They will sell their souls and sell others just to win in a situation. This goes against the egoistic personality, which promotes you to blame, be hostile, jealous, prideful, complain, angry, power, materialistic, self-importance, stubborn, and cold towards others. The interesting thing is that competition is all around us pressuring us to be the best that the world needs us to be. There is pressure to be the prettiest, fastest, the best, the most perfect, and #1 in all areas.

Ego allows you to operate less than who you are, where you are operating from your false self. Your true self will let you know that there is no such thing as competition unless you are competing with who you were yesterday. Competition prevents you from operating in your true self, which is unity, understanding, forgiveness, love, humility, and wisdom. Competition puts you in a position to continue to question your abilities and your worth near you.

Galatian 6:4-5 (CEV), “Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don’t compare yourself with others. We each much carry our own load.”

Galatian 6:6-9 (CEV), “Share every good thing you have with anyone who teaches you what God has said. You cannot fool God, so don’t make a fool of yourself! You will harvest what you plant. If you follow your selfish desires, you will harvest destruction, but if you follow spirit, you will harvest eternal life. Don’t get tired of helping others. You will be rewarded when the time is right, if you don’t give up. We should help people whenever we can, especially if they followers of the Lord.

Competition allows you function in a rivalry, where you must constantly be on guard to protection your superiority. This leaves you in be in a constant battle against others around you. Sometimes mistaking those who love to be your enemy. I am not sure about you, but I know God would like for me to live a life of love peace and prosperity.

Psalms 62: 5 (CEV), “Only God give inward peace, and I depend on him.

Depend on God today to assist you to stray away from the drama of yourself and others. Allow God to give you the inward peace that is necessary for you to live abundant life. God does not want any of us to live with drama and expect it to be our own. I hope you search for a life that exceeds your expectations and your past life. The time is now to reach for the things that lie before you.

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