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Drekkia Writes: Self-Discovery Journey

As women, we are trying to find our way and show the world who we are every moment of our lives. We wear make-up to show how beautiful and creative we are. We dress up in fashion to express who we are as a person. We fix our hair according to our personality or mood for the week.

Whatever we do as women we are always trying to make a statement proving to the world that we are enough and worthy to be loved the correct way. Drekkia Writes (Teaching Artist, Poet, and Author) wants her audience to know that they can do anything they set their minds to do. She believes that humans especially women have the greatest manifestation power to do anything they set their hearts, minds, bodies, souls, and spirits to do.

Drekkia believes that all you must do is believe. From Little Rock, Arkansas, Writes is a 25-year-old Millennial Innovative Queen, who is deeply passionate about healing others through her poetry. She is idealist, who is filled with integrity and spunk. Drekkia Writes is the “Maya Angelou” of our generation.

It’s our pain that reveals to us the beauty within and the joy of living in the present moment. It’s our sorrow that gives us permission to walk into a new beginning.  After experiencing so much heartache and pain, Drekkia Writes (Poet and Author) wrote the book called 17 Mirrors. Drekkia describes herself to be motivated, optimistic, and empathetic. She is motivated to fulfill her purpose, optimistic to see the light at the end of every tunnel she endures. Writes is empathic because she cares about the emotions of others and not afraid to express her own.

Drekkia wants her audiences to acknowledge and embrace the struggles of life by walking with integrity, peace, and empowerment. Drekkia performed poetry since she was in high school and writing poetry since she was a child. Her mother was the one who influenced her to take poetry seriously. Drekkia was appreciative of the advice that her mother gave her so decided to pursue her lifelong passion.

Writes cares about the future of our generation, so she created poetry musicals to teach her community about sexual education, which increased expediently every year.  June of 2019, Writes release her new book called 17 Mirrors. 17 Mirrors is a collection of poetic stories that allows Millennial and Generation Z women to connect with the author from an emotional standpoint. Writes express her vulnerability through her poems in the book. 17 Mirrorlyrically created a vision of the spiritual healing process. It exposed raw emotions of the process of evolving from a hurt girl and into beautiful Queen.

The poems also exposed the emotions of decision making, toxic relationships, and the process of discovering your purpose through pain, sorrow, and tribulations.  The poems speak freshly to the soul and to the essence of the common struggles of being an “Authentic Woman” evolving to be the Queen–God is calling her to be. The poems Drekkia wrote inspires the audiences to embrace the healing process by exploring the emotions of walking away from the shadow of life and into the light of life.

Here are three lessons that Writes learned while going through her self-discovery journey:

1.The Power of Manifestation

Disappointment lead Writes to recognize the true power of manifestation. In order, to manifest what you want, you must understand the law of attraction from the concept of Replacement. Toxic people, habits, and beliefs are meant to be replaced with healthy people, habits, and beliefs to help you spiritually evolve in life.  Once you replace toxicity with a healthy lifestyle. You will begin to manifest what the spirit desires. (17 Mirrors, P.20-21):

My side view mirror was shattered.

I didn’t anger

Just accepted that it was broken

That the view distorted and

never to be the same.

Today, I replaced it

With my own hands

and proud to say

I can see clearly now

Today, I learned

that it’s okay

to replace things

 and people that are shattered

That are distorted

And impair your image

of life and of self.

Because impaired vision

can cause you harm

Can cause you to wreck

And to be wreck!

So, replace what you must

if need be

And trust me…

You’ll see clearly again 

Drekkia wants her audience to never underestimate, where and who you are called to be in this world. Writes want to inspire her audience to live out their dreams because she believes that humans can create many powerful things. Her favorite example is the Wright Brothers’ creation–the airplane.  She believes that our creativity is such a good investment to humankind.

2. Don’t Wait on the Opportunity to Come to You, but Create It

Writes doesn’t believe in waiting for the opportunity to come to her, but she believes in creating the opportunity she desires. She believes that if the door will not open, then you should create your own opportunity to help serve others. Feeling as though she was underachiever in college, helped Drekkia to walk towards opportunities that would lead her to grow and live out her soul calling. Experiencing failure lead her to feel inadequate. Feeling Inadequate (17 Mirrors, Pg. 22-23) assisted Writes to understand the power of her creativity,

I was sorting through my memories,

Only to find you left so many dark spots in my mind

And if I were to say something kind,

People might actually believe you were nice.

When truth is, you were colder than ice

 And I hate to be the bearer of bad news

But I’m glad the world

No longer has you

It was joy to see how you left

And if I had had the courage

I would’ve killed you myself

 But instead I settled for metaphors

Metaphorically killed you off

Buried the thoughts of your torment

So, deep in a tunnel

that not even God could find it

I planted the insults

You tried to stuff me with

 around your tombstone

 So that they could grow on you

I left the insecurities you projected

onto me at your gravesite.

So, rest in chaos,

In turmoil,

In discomfort,

In suicidal thoughts,

In anxiety,

In depression,

Rest in all the emotions you made me feel

Because now that you are gone

I can finally live

Drekkia Writes knew she wanted God to use her for his greater good, but she later learned that allowing God to use her meant she would have to go through the fire and suffer a bit. She knew it would all be worth it because she knew it was all for God’s glory to show others how faithful, loving, and reliable he is.

3. Allow God to Use You In the Way He Wants

Drekkia knew she deserved more, but the only way she could receive more was if she allowed God to use her for his Glory. Writes remembers praying to God asking him to use her, but she did not want to go through certain situations that would bring her so much pain and sorrow. What she prayed to God what she did not want in her life, she ended up experiencing. She asked God not to let the feeling of failure and disappointment to be her downfall. God allowed her to experience failure and disappointment so he uses it for her growth. Reflecting on her life, she knew that God would use her mistakes for others to see. Later, Writes discovered that is no such thing as living life and allowing God to use you without making any mistakes: (17 Mirrors, No Mistakes, P. 117)

                                     You weren’t put on earth by mistake

Start accepting accountability

    for the decisions you make

And role you play

In your own demise.

Don’t be nobody’s victim

You are a winner

Even if sometimes you lose

 Recognizing that mistake will happen, but they will always work for her spiritual growth. This lead Writes to pursue her calling. Venturing out into the unknown to connect with her destiny leads her to discover the power of trusting her intuition. Hopping from hotel to hotel to attend poetry gigs to begin her career, she discovered that God will give you warning signs to let you know when your atmosphere or circumstance are unsafe or when you are on the right track in life.

Writes believes that it is up to us to recognize the red-flags in all circumstances. We must accept the red-flags being shown before something horrible happens. Writes want her audience to know that they have a choice, and that choice is for you all to be free. Free from toxicity, but recognize that mistakes will be made. Your mistakes will be used to push you forward in life not to hold you back.

Drekkia Writes is H.E.I.R.S’s Innovative Queen because she helps Millennial and Generation Z women to accept their flaws and all. Teaching us how to walk with vulnerability and authenticity in a soulful way.  Drekkia Writes believes Her Emotions and Integrity Represents Significance because

“Women are powered by their emotional intelligence. What we feel has valid reasons and our intuition guides us when we learn to fully trust it. It leads us to happiness should we learn to control it. With Integrity, Women have the power of major influence and when we use our superpower with the good we’re capable of changing the world and the people in it!”


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