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Embracing The Flow of Life: Embrace What’s Here Now And Allow the Wind to Move you In the Right Direction

Wouldn’t life be better if we were able to plan our own life and depend on our own understanding? wouldn’t life be great if we were able to get everything we wanted and desired to have? Or imagine life being so great that we could have everything our way and no other way. If you agree with the statements above I am sure that you have a hard time embracing the flow of life.

Well, to being honest with you all. I had a hard time going with the flow of life also. I had to know exactly what was going on so I could make the decision rather or not the circumstance was right for me. Having control was inherited from my family and trauma I experienced.

According to my pride, I could not afford to get treated the way I had in the past where I allowed others or situations to abuse and misuse me. Controlling my life was the first step of me fighting for my integrity.  I had to be in control over a lot of things in life to relieve myself of anxiety and stress. My goal was always reaching the destination in life with hopes of feeling joyful or complete once that destination was accomplished. Many times, I found myself so focus on reaching my destination that when the destination came into reality. I did not feel complete or joyful as much as I thought I would.

The reason being was because I was unable to focus on the journey of life, which allowed me to always be in the future rather in my present moment. Even though, I went to school to be a therapist; one of the skills that was mention a lot was mindfulness.  I was not fond of practicing mindfulness because I could not figure out how to allow my mind to be present in the moment instead of the future. The future was always my escape goat growing up, so I could escape all the pain and suffering I endured daily.


Mindfulness is a psychological process that allows you to focus your attention on the experiences happening in your present moment. Many tend to use meditation or yoga to begin the process, but there are many ways to do so. I will create another blog post about that later this year. After a while, I grew tired of having a restrictive mindset, where I felt I needed to follow the rules all the time and stay in the box so I would not disappoint anyone. Naturally, I have an out of box personality and mentality; but I stayed in the box to avoid getting in trouble or develop a bad reputation from others. I grew tired of being tensed and staying in an out-mode position.


I knew it was time for a shift to occur in my life; which meant it was time to say good-bye to having control over my life and began to go with the flow of life. Going with the flow of life allowed me to be less stress and gain more trust in God that he would provide, protect, and he knew what is best for my life. If it was not for the large number of mistakes I committed, I would probably still be walking around destroying opportunities and blessings because I relied heavy on my pride and fear to save my life.


Going with the flow of life mean you arrive at a point in life where God’s plan for your life is more sufficient and acceptable for you. If I desire to live a simple, natural, and creative life; then having control over my life was not going to manifest the results that my spirit desired to accomplish. The reason being is because I flat out do not know everything there is to my life or others. I cannot rely on others’ lives to show me “the way” because everyone’s path is different.

What others can handle in their life, I may not be able to handle it; and what I am able to handle in my life others may not have the same capacity to handle mine neither. That my friend, is ok with me because embracing the flow of life allows you to understand that your path is your path for a reason. You were built to survive whatever shows up at your front door with the help of the Lord. A better way to say embrace the flow of life is to love yours (J. Cole).

Going with the flow of life allows you to develop a higher level of self-love because you began to learn how to be content with what you have instead of reaching ahead for the next best thing. The problem I always had was confusing the concept of “being content with life “with “settling in life”. I know for sure that I did not want to get to a point in life; where I would begin to settle in life and expect nothing to change or grow. Just thinking about it makes me feel hopeless. I learned it is best to be content with your present moment and with whatever God had decide to give you while letting you know it is yours. Being content does not mean you are settling in life, but you are accepting what is present in your current moment.

What is happening now is vital for your future, which could either be a lesson or a blessing in disguise. It is up to you to connect with your source (God) to figure it out. When I decided to make a shift in my life; I had to let go of my favorite childish concept of wanting what others had because it was big, bright, shiny, or trendy. Thinking in my head, “why God did not love me enough to have what the next person had whether it was looks, material processions, or love ones.

Embracing the flow allowed me to be content with the now and knowing that I had the right to change anything I did not like. I could not make that happen by controlling my life. I knew it was time to allow my positive thoughts to shape my reality so it could manifest in the natural. I know I am meant to live a spiritual, natural, simple, and creative life. I knew that wouldn’t manifest if I did not decide to make a shift in my life to embrace the flow of life, and to allow God to move me where the wind directed me to go in life. It was time for me to embrace the good, bad, and the ugly in my life and recognizing that there was beauty in eye of the beholder at the end of the day.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. We just need to let Go, let God and trust the process.

    Joanne | http://www.joannesthoughts.com

    1. Yes, I definitely agree Joanne! It can be hard sometimes, but necessary.

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