Five Lessons That 2018 Taught Me

The year of 2018 was a year of letting go and growth. Going in 2018, I thought it was going to be this magnificent year, where my life would be free of hurt, pain, and sorrow from the previous years that once held me back from being my true self.

That was true, but since I was so reluctant to complete my internal work as I should’ve in 2017. In 2018, I was now paying the price of letting go, which I felt was hardest thing to do because I missed out on the opportunity before. Thank God for his Grace and Mercy.  I had to ask myself several times who was my true self, was I operating truly as self, and what was my life a reflection of what I wanted in life. Was I experiencing a life of joy or settling. Being honest, most of time I was not doing either of things listed above because I was so focus on self-sabotaging or talking myself out of opportunities I knew I deserved.

2018 taught me that when you are too reluctant to make a change in your life  God will use the Universe to step in to do it for you. When that happens, those situations are difficult to handle. This was the year that God wanted to show me and others truly how powerful he can be in our lives and how much he has our back at the end of the day. I gained so much and I lost many.  I don’t like losing in general, rather it’s people, place, or things. I discovered that internal change is so much difficult to embrace and at times hard to overcome; but it helps you to become bold and beautiful!

On the bright side, God blessed me so much this year with everlasting wisdom, knowledge, strength, acknowledge, and growth. All four of these aspects were fulfilled spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. I graduated with my Master’s in social work plus gained a new job. The journey of life is endless to me, which is why I wanted to share five lessons that the year of 2018 taught me:

1.The Importance of Letting Go and Why? 

I found out that the importance of letting go wasn’t just for me but for generations to come. Despite the pain and suffering I endured; “letting go” taught me that I was not just living for myself but Christ also. I am a spirit first living a human experience. Holding on to things that no longer serves my true self is hindering me from blessing and opportunities for my future and family’s sake.

Recognizing that was a hard pill to swallow considering that I spend most of my life making everything about me in situations and circumstances (positive and negative). I had to let go of the victim card and recognize when I am playing that card so I can let it go.  Life brought to a point, where I could no longer make excuses for my illegitimate habits and actions. The time had arrived for me to begin and continue the metamorphosis process.


2.Evolving Is Inevitable.

Evolving as a person is very essential for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. We are all hurting but some of us made the decision to be the solution rather the problem. I learned that evolving was for my own benefit which promoted me to continue to live with God’s love, peace, grace, and joy. Evolving was for my own good and those connected to me. God had me in a place, where nothing around seemed to be changing , but the things within were definitely changing. The change within was so much important than change around me because evolving within would help maintain the people and things around me.

In order to be the solution, you must begin to evolve on any level possible. I had to allow Jesus to free my soul through healing and deliverance. I began to understand that evolving requires discomfort and spiritual warfare. This is when God  instructed  guided, and encouraged me how to fight the true battles in my life through an evolving mind, body, soul, and spirit. Evolving within allows you to be fluidity, which enables you to adapt and overcome any obstacle that many come your way. Evolving also creates the perspective that all things will continue to work out for your good, which is the good, bad, and the ugly.

3.Forgiveness Is True Power for You.

Yesss, this forgiveness thing is no joke. Just when I thought I had forgiven someone or myself for everything. God revealed to me that there was another layer within that I had not yet let go. I thought forgiveness took one major time and I had done the work, but Matthew 18: 21-23 states we should forgive someone and ourselves 77 times. The number 77 is a positive sign to expect miracles to come, whereas 7 is the number in inner-strength, intuition, and wisdom. Sometimes in life, the hardest things are the best things for us to achieve for benefit of our well-being.

Forgiveness is letting go of the people or situation that hurts you plus having the courage and discipline to treat the person with love, compassion, and patience that they deserve. I made a vow to Love others as 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 and the way Christ loves me. Being honest thou,  I must give others the love I want in return, which is the universe law of sowing and reaping.

4.Be bold And Humble (Embrace Standing Out)

Have you ever had some great ideas either from God or self, you feel indebted to run and tell everyone the good news you receive. Well, I battled with that concept a lot. I found out it was best to move in silence, which is of your own protection. I came across an old Facebook memory from Sarah Jakes Roberts’s status that mention that “ Every thought does not require an audience.” That reinsured me that every thought of mine did not require my attention especially if it was not speaking love, peace, joy, and abundance in my life.

2018 taught me that less is better than more; and silence was powerful. I did not have to be loud and talkative to be seen. My presence spoke for itself and that it was okay for me walk my true path by expressing myself through my words and sense of fashion. It was time for me to lead by example, which I found out works so much better than telling others how they should live their lives. I began to focus on living my life through achieving my goals and aspirations. Those who chose to follow will if it’s meant to be, and if not it is ok. I was being bold just by choosing to live an authentic lifestyle that correspond to my true self without having an urge to prove myself to others. I was humble because I decided to live through submission to God’s plan upon my life, no matter what status or title he gave me. I trusted him to know that what’s for me will come in his timing.

5.Embracing Your Purpose and Calling in Life, Which Can Change at Anytime 

God showed me just how much I lacked control over my life. Being honest, I was so frustrated and angry by that concept that I took a lot of matters into my hands and fail miserably at  achieving the results I wanted this year. I mention before that I cannot stand to lose in life especially against my purpose in life. I thought I had to stick with the same job for years until retirement. Hearing Michelle Obama, confirm what my soul hoped for was that I could recreate my path at any time in life was so liberating.

Accepting that concept bring forth the lesson of learning that good things take time. When you want to gain control over every area of your life, timing becomes very vital. This is when you begin to live your life through rushing and living a fast pace life. This is also where adrenal fatigue comes in because we are living a life driven by anxiousness and not peace. I made the decision if I wanted to embrace my purpose than I needed to let go of control and utilize my timing better.

Embracing your purpose is what brings true joy. The only control I had in life was the control over my thoughts, attitude, and perspective. That within its self is enough to keep me or anyone busy from distractions of this world, which shows up in forms of people, place, or things.

Let’s make 2019 a year, where dreams come true, Love is given and received, joy is apart our norm, and peace is vital to every part of our being. Focus is our new perspective in life because we know it helps to bear fruit.


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