Spiritual Sunday

Good Things Take Time

As a Kid, I strongly disliked for the adults in my family to tell me to wait until my food digest, so that I could have dessert. As far as I could remember, it has always been difficult for me to wait for good things to happen to me. I could never understand why I couldn’t just have the good things now; and why I couldn’t have my gift now that I knew worked so hard to earn.

Some would say that the adults in my family did the right thing by withholding my dessert until I had more room to receive.  Some would say that the adults in my family should have given me the dessert because it was something that I truly wanted and I worked so hard to eat all the food that was given to me. Both perspectives can be thought through Thoroughly and great arguments can be developed and considered.

       I grew up so accustomed to being impatient that being patient never seem like a goal that I would ever get to achieve. So, I would settle for just a enough to get by or settle for less than what I deserve because I felt I had the power to change the external things around me or a person into my own favor (manipulation) . I grew accustomed to microwave meals as adult even though I grew up with well-prep meals made from the oven.

    When trials and tribulations began to occur and God began to promise things to you. It can be so difficult to wait and find ways to preoccupy your time. The first thing you may begin to do is fill your mind with nonsense of how things will not work out in your favor. Since you are unable to see what God’s see then you began to tell yourself it won’t happen. Your mind continues to run wild until you push fear and doubt to the side and began to believe that all things are possible if you believe (Mark 9:23)

    Being patience is a key component that God tends to test in us to see if we are able to wait for what he says he will do in our life, or will we take matters into our own hands because we don’t trust his timing. I know I have failed that test multiple times. Sometimes being in the wilderness (growing place) of free of becoming. The healing stage allows you to face every component in your life that you worked so hard to run away from. For some reason, that beastie creature tends always show up when it is not necessary in your life at that particular moment. 

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is Genesis 15 to 17 of Abram and Sarai when God promised Abram that he would be the Father of many nations. God gave Abram a vision of his promise by reassuring him that he would protect Abram and reward him greatly! 

  Abram is 86 years old and God is promising Abram that he will have a son Issac and the stars in the sky will represent the amount of descendants he will have. God makes another promise to Abram and put him to work to test his obedience. Abram’s wife-Sarai decides to take matters into her own hands by telling her husband to sleep with their slave Hagar to produce a baby boy, due to her infertility. Abram bares a child with Hagar names Ishmael. God reveals that Ishmael will not inherit the promise because he is not Sarai’s child. He was not apart of God’s promise to Abram and Sarai, but God still decided to bless Ishmael because of Abram (Grace).

       Towards the end of their wilderness, God changes their name to Abraham  and Sarah since they were changed they were able to conceive Issac. Issac was the result of their change and the promise God granted because of their change in their life. There are multiple themes in this story to touch on. 

  The first lesson I learned from this story was patience , and how taking matters into our own hands can lead to more problems and issues. God’s plan is always much proficient than our own even if we can not imagine what God promised us. God will give you visions and dreams letting you know what your promise will be, but he will not give you the dessert (promise) until you have made enough room to receive what’s he has in-stored for you and your family. 

Much is given, which means much is required also. This is a time to prepare for whatever God promised you. You will have to shed and give up a lot of things for the inheritance of the Lord, but he will protect and guide you through the storm. 

  So I would admit that the adults in my family were teaching me a lesson early on, in which God completed the finish touches on learning how to be patience. They did right by teaching me to wait until my food digest in order to receive my dessert. I would not have had enough room to enjoy my dessert, which would have most likely made me sick and regurgitate what was meant to reward me and given for enjoyment. If God gave you what he promised you now, you would ruin everything he made for the good of you. 

     Not the fearful you, doubtful you, prouder you, not the disabling you, not lack of self-control you, not the insecure you , and not the jealous you. You have get rid of those things making enough room to receive what God has in stored for you. Whatever God has promised you requires commitment, focus, patience, presistence and self-discipline. So, pain should be seen as growing pain because it’s sharpen your sparrow. So yes, good things do take time, if you are willing to wait. 

Proverbs 16:32 NIV, “Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.”

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