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Heal-thy Self To Save The Youth Of Tomorrow

It’s the way of the world that tends to make a child’s heart cold, then the child grows into an adult with a cold heart. This is what bullying does to youth. Bullying is having the ability to seek harm with hopes of intimidating someone who perceived as vulnerable. Sometimes as adults (women), we don’t make it better.

We point out all their shortcomings, flaws, and inconsistencies while explaining it to be in the name of love. It is one thing to hear terrible things from the public, but to hear a terrible word from loved ones is the next level of emotional and mental abuse. It hurts far deeper. It hurts to hear a loved one to call someone stupid, or any curse word when the youth show signs of being a human. Some adults call it preparation for the world, but it seems to be doing more harm to the next generation of youth than anything.

It hurts so much because out of all the people, your loved ones or relatives should speak life in you, not death. This is also considered to be control and manipulation. Bullying is what I consider to be at a low level of control and manipulation, which tends to lead to subjugate and oppression. Subjugate tends to happen during the adolescent stage of life or the next level after bullying. This is when a person is looking to make someone subordinate to them with hopes of gaining more control in their life. This is what domestic violence looks like.

The final level is oppression, which usually done with a larger population and from higher influence among the public. This is what racism, sexism, discrimination, and bigotry looks like. Many do not know that there are levels to control and intimation. Many tend to ignore the signs of bullying among youth. The common phrase from adults is that “Kids will be Kids”, but does that phrase still appear true when kids are committing crimes like adults and more jails are being built?

Many of the Millennials and Generation Z’s are in contact with children currently on a daily basis. Whether it is raising children of their own, working with children at work, and spending time with family members. The Millennials and Generation Z women should be able to understand some the struggles that most of the youth are currently facing because it was not long before we experience some of the same issues. Sometimes being the person you wish you had growing up is the best solution to the problem, which involves courage and bravery to be.

Bullying has always been an issue in society, but the thing that is missing now is the lack of support, attention, love, and encouragement that the youth need to get through life. These concepts also produce resilience, which helps anyone to push forward in life during difficult times. Many families in the past, had the nurturing matriarchs (Grandmothers usually), who gave the right love, support, values, and beliefs they needed to push through hardships in life. There is so much going on in the news with children are committing suicide because they are getting bullied. It breaks my heart to see the ways of the world kill the innocent ones, who were once born with so much love and purity for the world.

Writing with transparency, I aware of being a victim of bullying and being a bully to others. Wanting to be in control of every aspect of your life even if it means having an input on how others should live their lives and criticizing them badly when doing so.

The concept of bullying is so normalized in this country because it is a tactic used to accomplish things, many think its leadership, and many believe that it’s the best way to get thing accomplished at the time it needs to get done. Bullying is a tactic used to feed the ego, which the person’s center mindset is all about satisfying the need of self. Pleasing the ego (flesh), allows individuals to seek out opportunities to manipulate things to work in your favor. It is a common tactic used by the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy anything connect to God or close to being connected. True power does not have to control and manipulate. True power is love, peace, and joy. The light (God) shines brightly for all to see.

I have worked with youth most of my life working in the social work field, and I understand youth because I have healed from the darkness of my childhood. Through understanding youth, there is a part of you that needs healing to show grace towards youth who tend to trigger self. The bully is usually a youth who is used to getting every need met, where pleasing of others tends to take place within the environment. This youth usually lacks consideration, grace, and accountability.

A bully can also be a youth who doesn’t get any of their needs met from their environment, where the youth tend to seek negative attention to get their needs met.  This is my point ins saying is it is time to heal from your childhood to show the next youth(generation) what a survivor looks like. Survivor of being a bully or either survive from being bullied by others. Many of us have endured much pain and suffering, but we survivor was necessary to tell our testimony to the next generation. To show the next generation what resilience looks like. This life is bigger than us.

Our society is lacking in many of the true aspects that sustain people, place, and things for long-term purposes. This involves God, love, support, attention, and relationship. These are the key aspects that the youth of today are missing. Many have seen most of their families separated and experiencing a hard crisis that stops the family from functioning in a healthy manner. Many were raised in a system, who is overworked and burnt out.

The streets and television have raised our new generation with not many leaders in their front or rear view mirror. This generation was raised in chaos, dysfunction, and improperness. The youth of today is imagery of the wrongdoings, lack of healing, and our relentless to change within our society. Many are used to using old methods for new equations in life. This leads us to the wrong answer to the equation, in which the problem is not being solved.

I know it is impossible for one person to be everywhere to save every youth facing bullying or any trauma that will later stunt their growth. Choosing to heal yourself from your childhood trauma could save another youth who is contemplating committing suicide. Take a step back from your sorrow and pain by giving your problem to the Lord through prayer. He will give you peace that no one will be able to understand. Be brave, strong, and fearless. Trust you are never alone with your healing process when God is involved (Joshua 1:9).

Your childhood trauma holds power because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You are a conquer, where your childhood trauma is an asset to your life’s journey to show humanity what a God-fearing,  resilient and true survivor looks like.  Queen, your healing is essential to healing one part of the world, which those around you will benefit greatly with a better version of you. Center your mind and move on. Free yourself from ridge thought patterns and habits. The world needs your healing and your testimony. You are enough.




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