Healing Effectively: Changing The Narrative You Tell Yourself

   The entire process of healing can be long and painful, but healing is necessary to produce fruit within the soul. A lot of people would rather avoid  painful situations and circumstances in life because of the connection or attachment that they carry to the pain. 

     Sometimes something can hurt so badly that you began to attach the pain with fear of lack and loss. We all know we gain something from pain, but there also apart of us that dies. It seems like we focus so much on the fear of lack and loss but we never get a chance to embrace what we gain. 

    I am definitely guilty of thinking that way. I have dealt with some hard pain, some pain that will keep others stuck and stagnant. I would be lying if I told you I did it with my own strength, but the reality is it was God.

    We all know that the best way to heal is to tell our stories, so others can hear. It goes along with the process of releasing or letting go what was behind us. We are meant to have an outlet, which is why God create Art. I would say this is considered to be the circle of life. 

      After I would share my story with others sometimes; I found out that I was still battling with the same stale negative thoughts in my head because I was still nurturing the narrative I created. The narrative was created to either fill in the blanks of the unknown or feed my ego. It’s so hard to let go of story or plan that you convinced yourself to be true.  

      It wasn’t until I figured out that I was still left unhealed because I was still believing in the narrative I told myself instead of believing what God said about my life. As I mention before, healing is a process;which means that change will not occur over night. 

      This also means that time heals all wounds, which means people and things will take time to grow, love, change, update, and prosper. True things of quality take time to develop where they tend last longer.

       For years, I told myself the narrative that once a person  betrayed or lie to me;they  can never be trusted or shouldn’t be a part of my life again. I also told myself that it me against the world and others were out to attack me and my gifts. That involved family, confidants, and Conrads.

I placed everything and one on a unrealistic scale to measure up too in life because I was determined to create the plan for life. If it were up to my plan, I wouldn’t have no pain. It wasn’t until life taught me the true act of forgiveness and letting go especially those who were apart of God’s plan for my life. 

        To be honest, changing the narrative in my mind was what really healed me. I had my heart delivered, then I had to let go of some bad habits, and then it me involved changing the narrative I told myself about my life. This involves embracing the shadow within, owning who I am as a person, recognizing if it was my story or opinions of others in my head, and was the narrative I told myself true? 

      Sometimes changing the narrative in your mind is considering others perspectives on the situations and circumstances even though you were hurt in the situation. Remember hurt people hurt people, no one who isn’t broken within tend to truly hurt others. 

     Changing the narrative of your story requires you to focus on the bigger picture of the situation or circumstance , which means you have to learn how to take a step back from your emotions and began focus on the logical perspective. A lot of times our emotions lead us to do things we regret on a short-term basis. Nobody has time for regret.

Another way of changing your story is to began to tell yourself a new story. You are the narrator of your life,which means your story will change constantly. 

     That is great news because it signifies that we may not have control over the external things that happen in this world; but what we do have control over is our narrative of our life. We are the co-creators of our lives. As long as you are walking in God’s will nothing can stop you from creating the life you also desire to have. Will you began to change your narrative today, so you can heal effectively? The question is only meant for you to answer and no one else.

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