How Do I Begin to Trust in Life Again?

Trust provides security. With so much drama and unpleasant things going on in the world today; many are losing trust in people and the systems around them. The many different things others have used to shape their lives are currently being revamped or destroyed. Trust is lost when expectations are broken. That’s for relationships, the workforce, or the systematic government. Many are walking around asking themselves and others when will things begin to shift for them and those around them.

Asking, will people ever begin to trust in humanity again so neighborhoods can be restored, small businesses can be built, unemployment can go down, and families can be restored? If I could answer that, I would say yes because I speak from Faith. If I was walking by sight, I would never believe things would change for the better. Things will begin to change and only change if people allow themselves to heal and grow. That’s where the trust factor will begin to reset itself in other’s lives. I’m speaking from personal experience.

Many say once trust is broken it can never be repaired. I used to believe that same limited perspective. I adapted to that perspective because I believed it to be true. I thought it was true because it was everyone’s truth.

A lot of times we trust ourselves too much as if our experience reflects truth like the Bible. Our experiences reflect truth only when Jesus and wisdom is guiding us. When we are unhealed, our unhealed perception blocks us from the truth (Jesus died on the Cross for our Sins). As I progress in life, I am learning this concept of trust not able to be repaired is not true. All things can be restored if it’s healed and meant to last.

The interesting thing is that many aren’t willing to believe and endure the process of healing and growing. I believe that not trusting life allows your spirit to perish where you rely on fear to protect you, worry to motivate you, and stress to consume you because you have settled with the fact it’s the way life is. I haven’t mastered this concept yet but I am working towards conquering it. I’m speaking like this because I was once much like you, who lost trust in everything around me, which is love, peace, serenity, joy, family, protection, and God.

I went through a cycle in my life, where a lot of thing were stripped from me. People I love, the vision I had for myself and others, jobs, special relationships, finances, peace, joy, love, and courage. I was beginning to walk around wondering when life would begin again. I didn’t know that I was walking in a process, where God was setting me up with new; which was new beginnings, new mind, body, soul, and spirit. God is waiting to do the same for you!

I fought my way through and sometimes I fought God (unintentionally thou). I was fighting God because I was refusing to change. I didn’t want to leave the things I thought were a part of my identity. The Faith within was what I held on too and God’s word, which was what kept me going during my darkness moments in life. I just knew better days were coming but the scary part was when? (That’s control talking)

So, being honest with myself! I begin to trust in life, love, peace, joy because I made the decision not to leave Jesus’s presence anymore.  Anyone’s who has experienced God’s presence know it’s too good to be true. I thought I could only have his presence at church! I didn’t know I could carry him in the car, in the bathroom, my bedroom, at work, etc.

Once, I found that secret out! I’m like you mean to tell that I been walking around with depression, anxiety, fear, and stress this entire time? All I needed to do way simply let go my control and walking in his presence wherever I go. The concept is simple but the process is not. God mentions that his Children will suffer a lot but he will always bring them through with no bones broken. The pain is meant to help us grow. strip us from things that are not of Christ.

Psalms 34:19-22 CEV says “The Lord’s people may suffer a lot, but he will always bring them safely through. Not one of their bones will ever be broken. Wicked people are killed by their own evil deeds, and if you hate God’s people you will be punished. The Lord saves the lives of his servants. Run to him for protection, and you won’t be punished.”

This verse lets us know God’s has our back. Just like a parent and child, where you know your child may suffer one day. When they do, your children should always know you are near them and you have their backs through the good, bad, and ugly! Just like God does!

Stay true to self and know God’s in control. As you grow with God, you will begin to understand just how warm, loving, gentle, and kind he truly is! So, to answer the title of this blog; you will begin to trust in life again once you decide to stay in God’s presence wherever you go! Also, trusting in God to love you, lead you, guide you, protect you, and push you to grow! Everything God does requires love and restoration is another form of God’s love for your life. Go get everything back that was taken from you that God says is yours. This includes trust! You deserve it!







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