How To Deal With Toxicity In Your Work Environment

For most women, work is life because it is the way we earn a living for self and family. I feel that a toxic work environment is more common than it should be. I know I have worked for many toxic work environments, sometimes it was the company itself, management, co-workers, or clients. What I have learned is that the quicker I got hired; the more toxic the environment was.

  I was addicted to pain at one point in my life, which lead me to attract environments that were most familiar and comfortable to me. I thought I was thriving but really depriving myself of the essence of my true being. I was toxic also. I would make excuses as to why I deserve to work in environments that were depleting my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

  Feeling unmotivated to hang out with loved ones and unable to obtain true peace for 40 hours of my life. I’m not sure about your but that’s too long to be a toxic environment. Deep down in my soul, I knew there was more to life than coming home feeling more depleted and stressed out! I was so toxic at one point that I thought stress meant I was working hard. It was considered “normal work stress”. Being honest, I couldn’t trust my life or a workplace with had no sign of toxicity because it wasn’t my norm. 

I believe so many people including myself are guilty of bringing work home no matter how strong, tough, or resilient you are. Toxicity will have an effect on you if you do not practice self-care while you are there. Sometimes it will look like diseases, illness, disorders, divorce, burnt out emotional, mentally, and physically. Toxic work environment will also help you to become more broken or create a broken home, financial burden, and isolation. It is also a hard conversation to discuss because no one wants to risk the opportunity of losing their job, position, or likes of others around them. 

  All circumstances are hard because it goes against people’s ego, livelihood, and acceptance among people. Those are the things people tend to become most territorial over. The question I will like to ask is when is the perfect time to talk about the well-being of others and promote self-care in the workplace. Why can’t we have the support we need that authentic, where people aren’t sitting around lunch table gossiping and complaining about what’s wrong with things around them.  

We must begin to have compassion and a sense of sensitivity for the circumstances of others around us. Work is not a place that people just perform labor and collect a check. In most cases, work is life. For some, it is the only thing they will ever live for. Here are three steps to practice self-care while working in a toxic work environment:

1. Take Advantage of Personal Time Off or Utilize Breaks For “Me” Time

Breaks are definitely necessary for all workplace and especially important in a toxic work environment. Sometimes what can be an issue is how we spend our breaks. Some may take a break to check on everyone in their family or to return important phone calls. Sometimes it’s best to set boundaries for yourself so you can begin to regain the peace you need in order to achieve the goals at work. 

   Spend your break to eat, meditate or pray to God. Take a walk if you can. Spend some time in solitude so you can begin to recharge your brain and your emotions. Allow yourself to become centered and balanced. Sustaining your peace in a toxic work environment is important so you will not take the toxicity home. Leave work at work. 

2. Ensure Your Treat Yourself Well

  It is so easy to take criticism from others at work about your work ethic and turns it into a negative connotation especially when there is no guidance provided on how you can improve your mistakes or performance. It is so easy to measure your performance by what is acceptable based on the culture of the work environment. Allow your integrity to lead you in circumstance by standing in your true and belief for the good of your well-being.

  You know what is best for you and you know your limit as an employee. Voice your limits and your boundaries among others you work an assertive way. When working in a toxic work environment it is best to treat yourself, but in a way where you are not indulging. Where you are turning something that feels good into an addiction. It can happen when you are overly stressed. Treating yourself well involves listening to music that uplifts your spirit, watching funny videos, and listen to an inspiring podcast like H.E.I.R.S. 

You can speak positive affirmations to yourself to help you throughout the day and express gratitude to God for you having a job. Ensure that your well-being is taken care of because a better You is vital for your work environment.  I’m sure the workplace doesn’t need another toxic person polluting the environment around you. 

Be social and break the ice in the environment and if that doesn’t work then be yourself by protecting what’s valuable within you. Your family deserves to have the “better” you at home bringing peace, love, and joy 

3. Allow Yourself To Growth Above the Toxicity

Many don’t understand that when something is toxic around you, you definitely have a choice not to let the toxicity to enter within you. You can allow yourself to gain invaluable lessons but recognize when it’s time to leave the environment. Sometimes you are attracted to an environment based on who you are or the vices you carry that are similar to those around you in the workplace. You have the option whether you will let the environment depleted or help you grow as a person. The choice is definitely yours. 

Try to be the peace that the environment needs. Try not to contribute to the toxicity because you do not want to contribute to the issue at hand. Toxicity anywhere means that a major change needs to occur. It is up to you to decide what you want the change to be. There is a good quote that says, “If you ask God to change your situation and he doesn’t then he using the situation to change you.” 

Be the best you can be in your life. The toxic work environment may be a gateway to help to live out your dreams and follow your true life purpose. Discuss it with God.  Allow yourself to grow from the toxicity around you. No place is permanent unless you make it that way. There is a season for everything in your life. Ensure to an advantage of the toxic environment to grow, heal, and overcome anything that helps you to function less than your true self. You may not be able to change the environment but do not allow the environment to change you. You are control and responsible for your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. 

It may be hard to survive the toxic work environment, but anything challenging in your life will help you manifest better in your life. If you decided to learn the lesson and grow as a spiritual being. You are not stuck, so stop telling yourself this.

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