Jealousy: Dims the Light Within

We must admit that many of us would be nothing if it were not for God. There is too many walking with pride too afraid to admit that they need to be close to God.  There are too many people, who want the rewards of God such as light, pureness, and the unconditional love, but they do not want to surrender to his will. So, you have a group of individuals searching for God, but they are unable to recognize his presences due to the trauma they have endured. We yearn for God’s presences every day especially when we are surrounded by darkness. Many of us will not admit, but there are many of us who get jealous when God blesses others before he blesses us.

We get jealous when others shine brighter than us because we believe in the false notion that more is better. Taking trips are fun. More money and higher positions means success, and buying things means you are rich. These are some of the typical clichés that many tend to buy into.  We tend to get jealous when it seems like other people’s gift gets more attention than yours does, or when other’s presences tend shine more than ours based on our perceptions of self. I had an interesting conversation with a lady of a different race, where she complimented me on the scarf that I was wearing. I was using this scarf that ripped and greasy looking because I was using it to lay my hair down. Those who have curly or coarse hair will understand the struggle I am describing. I noticed that this lady had given me a complement about something I was wearing, and brushed it off because it did not look as clean and well put together as I wanted it to be. I noticed that we began to complement each other’s hair textures.

The lady mentioned to me that “if you had naturally straight hair you would wish you had curly hair”. We both laughed. I dawned on me that we always want what we feel we cannot have. Why is that, but I am guilty of feeling this way also. This is the reason why we have so many people desiring other’s stuff instead working to produce their own. God created us to share, but he also creates people and things that were specifically ours. This includes people, place, or things. The challenge is that you must love, honor, respect, exalt God’s presence in your life. Too many of us are too self-righteous to admit that we need God to come in all areas of our lives. There are too many of us trying to convince others that we are whole, while we are screaming within with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual pain.

There is where jealousy comes in because we begin to see others shine more with their imperfect self, while they are so many of us overworking ourselves to prove to others that we are worthy to be praise. Jealous will have you wishing you were wearing some else’s clothes, when God already altered your clothing to fit your body perfectly. Just know the clothing that God made for you is what will make you shine. Not the clothing itself but the fact you decided to wake up and walk in your truth that God allowed you to walk in.  So many of us have been told or shown that who we are is not good enough. We have been told that we will never be acceptable based on the culture norms, beliefs, and barriers that many of us have developed in the past. Jealous does not discriminate but it does show up in others no matter how you look, shape, and sizes.

Allowing the light within to shine can be intimidating for you and those who tend to watch you. The intimation is usually triggered from the emotion of jealousy, where the others person does not feel adequate to be in your presences or they are constantly measuring their worth as more valuable than theirs. For those who do not know God and do not follow his word, the world will teach others what is value and what isn’t. We have so many people shining on television, but in real life their character does not correspond to the things that the possess on television. We have so many people hustling for their worth that they get tired, and begin to settle for someone’s dreams, spouse, children, house, title, or position. The jealous spirit has convinced the person that what others have is more valuable than what they can ever achieve.

The presence of the Lord is powerful and it is breathtaking. Yet, there are so many people who feel that they are not worthy of his grace, peace, joy, mercy, and unconditional love especially when you filled with guilt, shame, anger, sorrow, and pain. Many would rather settle with jealous than inspiration. Jealous can defined as feeling envy of someone based on their achievements or advantages in life. Jealous can also be overly protective of one’s rights or possessions, and many tend to say that God is a jealous. I do not like when others say that about him because he is not. He is a God a great value and he knows the harm it will do to you if you honor and worship other things. God is the source that we need that will produce light within us, and make us clean again. Jesus is the source that will connect us to the Lord since God sent his only son to die for sins and inequalities.

Inspiration can be defined as being mentally stimulated to do something that promotes creativity in your life. Inspiration has the power to move intellects and emotions. Inspiration is of God because it is the divine light that is given us to promote brilliance and creativity. This allows us to produce the gifts and talents that God gave to us. Inspiration was given to those who wrote the bible. Jealousy vs. Inspiration reminds me of the bible story of David and Saul (1Samuel). Saul was anointed King that was anointed by God to be King of his people the Israelites. Saul defeated the Philistines, who were the Israelites enemies. Due to obedience, God allowed others to praise Saul for his victory.

God sent Saul on a mission to destroy the Amalekites, who attacked Israelites. Saul disobeyed God’s plan, where he brought back the things of the Amalekites that he thought were valuable to him. God mentioned to Saul that everything attached to the Amalekites needed to be destroyed. God decided to demote Saul as King, but he appointed another boy David as King.


1 Samuel 18:10-12 CEV “The next day the Lord let an evil spirit take control of Saul, and he began acting like a crazy man inside his house. David came to play the harp for Saul as usual, but this time Saul had a spear in his hand. Saul thought, “I’ll pin David to the wall.” He threw the spear at David twice, but David dodged and got away both times. Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was helping David and was no longer helping him.”


David’s talent that God gave to him opened an opportunity for him to be in the place, where his destiny resigned. Those who were connected to Saul fell in love with David and his success of defeating Goliath (The big enemy). There was a song that the Israelites began to sing “Saul has killed a thousand enemies and David has killed ten thousand” (Comparison) (1 Samuel 18:7). Saul became jealous, where he decided he could never trust David.


When we are so caught up in our own self-righteousness we begin to believe that we are the “God” of our own lives based on our talents and skills. God has a special way of making us humble ourselves. Due to being jealous, Saul was on a mission to Kill David based on the favor of God on his life. It was not what David asked for, but it was given to David based on his heart and obedience to God’s plan. God chose David and God chose Saul also, but Saul disobeyed God. Saul searched for David everywhere, and when he finally caught up with him. David cut a piece of Saul’s garment when he was hiding and Saul was near him. Once, they met one another, David humbled himself and bowed down to Saul, letting him know he was behind him and could have killed him. Earlier but He did not. Proving to Saul that David was not his enemy.


1 Samuel 24:16-21 CEV, David, my son—is that you?” Saul asked. Then he started crying and said: David, you’re a better person than I am. You treated me with kindness, even though I’ve been cruel to you. You’ve told me how you were kind enough not to kill me when the Lord gave you the chance. If you really were my enemy, you wouldn’t have let me leave here alive. I pray that the Lord will give you a big reward for what you did today. I realize now that you will be the next king, and a powerful king at that. Promise me with the Lord as your witness, that you won’t wipe out my descendants. Let them live to keep my family name alive.”

Saul and David were both Kings, but one valued God more than his position and praise from the people. God likes to use others who are passionate, humble and a have good heart for his plan here on earth. Jealous shows up when we feel guilty, left out, and unworthy of God’s light in our life. Many of the finer things in life are representation of God’s goodness and grace upon other’s lives. Many tend to worship material possessions such as cars, clothes, beautiful family, fame, and money as value because they appear bright and shining.  Those material possessions are only shining because God is behind the object reflecting his light and goodness among it.

What others do not know that the shine, light, and the attention they yearn for will be fulfilled through God himself. Jesus is the way you can connect with God. God’s light lives within us but it is only shown when we are aligned and obedient to God’s word upon our life. Saul was jealous of David because God was with him and he felt like God had forsaken him. In fact, he did not. God was still with Saul ,but Saul’s sin of disobedience pushed him away from God. God was present with Saul, but he did not bless Saul in the way he once did because of his disobedience of putting himself before God. Jealousy should not be an option if you trust that God is on your side. God blesses us all with wonderful gifts and talents, where we must learn how to tap in the goodness of the Lord and use the gifts for his glory and not our own. Our worth should not measure by how much pain we can endure or how much our material possessions cost. Our worth comes from the Lord, but for those who do not know him will believe otherwise. One day, they will find out, but I pray they find out before it is too late.


Galatian 5: 22-24 (CEV), “God’s spirit makes us loving, happy, peaceful, and patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. And because we belong to Christ Jesus. We have killed our selfish feelings and desires. God’s Spirit has given us life, and so we should follow the spirit. But don’t be conceited or make others jealous by claiming to be better than they are.

Do not settle for jealous because you are a beautiful diamond in the making. You were found in dirty, but you allowing God into your life will allow you to shine like the diamond that you are. It is the light and the shine after being cleaned and wiped off that makes the diamond worth so much. It is because God’s everlasting light shines through the diamond (you). Accept who you are, be great, and promote others to be great also. Continue to allow God to clean you out so you can shine too. We all have something to offer to this world. No one is left out including you.

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