Learning To Live With Flair & Laughter

In the words of a Wise Queen Maya Angelou, “Determine to Live with Flair and Laughter”. Maya Angelou words of wisdom spoke to my soul, it speaks self-belief, confidence, self-esteem and courage. It speaks to my soul because a lot times I found myself living in less and living without flair and laughter. I would find myself moping, groaning, and complaining about things that did not show up as I expected in life.

I found it hard to praise God for God because he had given me less than what I expected. I had grown so accustomed to a childish concept that I told me that “more was better no matter what the circumstance was”. I had grown attached to my selfish attitude that manifested thoughts that said, “I want what I want, and nothing less.” If I got less than what I expected, I would moan and groan, and began to find ways to manipulate circumstances to get what I desire.

      See, I had the concept messed up. I knew my true desires in life were important; but my only issue was that I was not aware on how to manifest it. I could not manifest what I truly wanted with my selfish feelings and desires. I could only manifest my true desires by putting God first before all things within my life. I was so full of myself that I was so scared that God would began to take my shine. Not knowing there was no shine within me without God. I know it’s harsh, but it is true. I was so filled with me (darkness) and less of God (Light); that the world around me began to look dark.

Growing up, I always had a great sense of self, which meant I always knew who I was. Many times, I would dumb myself down so that others could love me. When I got the attention and the superficial love I thought I wanted. I began to believe and allowed myself to be contaminated with a falsehood concept of self. The interesting thing is that I was always searching to find my identify in someone and that special someone was God. Man will change their mind at any given time, but God never changes. He is always the same. (Numbers 23:19)

Being filled with your own selfish feelings and desires distracts you from the truth that lies within. Selfishness allows you to consume, and selflessness allows you to release. Being honest with myself, I had a hard time releasing anything, pain, suffering, sorrow, depression, the past, and disappointment.

In the American culture, we are taught to consume a lot of unnecessary things besides God. We consume more food, clothes, money, name brand labels, fifteen-minute (Insta-fame) fame, and cars.  I realized that I had grown accustomed to the traditions around me, in which I was detouring myself away from my destiny. We always seem to leave God out and add him into our lives as addition but not as “The Way” to live.

A lot of times, we expect God to follow our lead; but we will not kneel-down to God in a humbling and honoring position to surrender our own way of life to him; our way of thinking; and our way of existing in this life on earth. We want everything now, and we bypass anything we have to wait for.

Well, nothing began to change for me until I decided that I no longer wanted to consume, but it was time for me to release. Release the addiction of pain and suffering, sorrow, depression, and anxiety. Those bad habits and terrible way of thinking could no longer serve me as they did in the past. All of those negative attributes were stepping stones to lead me to a better way appreciating the life God had given me that produced an upgraded version of self. Living with flair and laughter is a gift from God after you have decided to release instead of consuming more.

Flair means stylishness, originality, or having a special instinctive aptitude to do something very well. Laughter represents the sound of laughing. Both attributes teach us to walk in the reality in who we truly are in God’s eye. As I continue develop and grow into the Queen God created me to be. I began to recognize that it was the pain and suffering I endured that taught me the true meaning of arriving in flair and partaking in laughter over the good, bad, and the ugly in life because all of it was working for my greater good. I am covered in Jesus’s name and blood.  In the words of Maya Angelou,

  “Stand up straight and realize who you are. That you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.” –Maya Angelou

Recognizing who I am within and who I am in Christ’s eye. There was no need for me to walk around with a selfish heart and attitude. I was made to be great and so are you. I refused to walk in anything less than what God say I am. That was the real reason how I began to live a life of flair and laughter (Maya Angelou) because I decided to let go and put God first. Nothing less or more than God himself. Remember releasing looks good on you, you my Queen were meant to shine!

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