Learning To Walk With Peace in Your Life

Being honest with ourselves, no one likes to experience obstacles, but we have adapted to the fact that obstacles are a way of life. Obstacles come in different shapes or forms which corresponds to the individual’s way of learning in life. The number 13 represents obstacles but usually falls into a blessing in disguise. So many people fear the number 13 and obstacles because we are aware that darkness is around the corner and the light will be far away. The bright perspective about that concept is that the light is always around when the light is within. In fact, light overshadows darkness.

The real question to ask self is why do we fear obstacles so much? Why is it that once individuals have experienced trauma they fear what’s to come next? If we know that all things work for our greater good then what stops us from walking in peace when obstacles arrive? I always say it’s the narrative we tell ourselves about the obstacles in our life that causes us to react the way we do. Most of the time, we react to obstacles in the way we think we should act based on other’s opinions or experiences. Remember, experiences are always lessons for us to learn, which are taught when we endure an obstacle.

Man, I never knew how strong I was until an obstacle came my way, and I was lead to respond with peace instead of creating turmoil. I am a person, who use to feel that I had low tolerance for things until a battle showed up in my life that I could overcome with the Grace of the good Lord. There are some obstacles, where we feel we have the right to act a fool, but two wrongs don’t make it right! It’s one thing to understand the concept but it another thing when you must apply that concept to your life in pressuring moments.

Practicing to respond to obstacles in peace takes a strong-will, determined, patience, compassionate, and empathic person. Patience for me is a struggle at times. Patience is usually a struggle because of the narrative I decided to tell myself for years. Such as, “You cannot handle that. Dealing with situations like  this will only hold you back. Having no obstacles will lead you to the true road of success.”

The things I said I could not handle showed up in my life. So, God, could show me what I was capable of; which resulted in strength and endurance. Here are four ways how to walk in peace when obstacles arrive at your doorstep.

1.Have Faith

When I think about obstacles coming, I always think about the story of Daniel (Daniel 1-2) when he going to be executed with his fellows because King Nebuchadnezzar no longer trusted the wise men of Babylon to interpret his dreams. Daniel and his fellows were included to be the wise men of Babylon even though he did not have an opportunity to interpret the King’s dream before the new decree was made to execute all the wise men of Babylon.

Daniel kept us faith when the obstacle arrived and called out to God asking If God could help him interpreter the King’s dream so they will not be executed. Daniel was later given a vision of the King’s recent dream that kept him up all night.

Daniel interpreted the dream to the king, where the King fell to Daniel’s feet because the God of all Kings answered his prayers. Daniel kept his faith when the obstacles approached his doorstep and called out to God to save him and his fellows from trouble. Daniel did not panic but Daniel’s faith allowed him to keep his peace. It may seem hard to keep your faith when obstacles arrive because it looks like it’s no way out. There is always a solution to every problem in your life. It may be now or later.

2.Be Modest

When obstacles arrive, it is a great time to become modest. Thinking that every obstacle needs to be solved by you can be a great way to make matters worse.  The obstacles we face are not about us but it for us to grow spiritually and to help others.

You cannot always depend on your own understanding as a way to solve issues. This is the best time to allow your modest spirit to take over and say goodbye to your arrogant ego. Most of the time the battle is not ours especially when we have exhausted all our options. Humble yourself and know that you cannot solve obstacles that come your way. Sit in the fact that it is okay for things in your life to be chaotic sometimes. Just because you Are unable to solve the issue does not make you an inadequate person. You must ensure that your spirit and emotions are a balance to overcome the obstacle at hand. Modesty is humility.

3.Be Persistence

OMG, when I would hear the word “persistent” it frightens me because I did not like routines. I thought to be persistent was about routines and routines are boring to me. I later learned that being persistence was about self-discipline and self-control. Persistence pushes fear out the way and says hello to endurance.

On my road to becoming more persistent, I faced situations where I wanted to solve them through a fight or flight response. I’m learning now how to stand tall and still. Persistence tells us to push forward even if you cannot see your way out. Giving up is the easy way out, and most of the time it does not produce great results. I was a fan of taking the easy way especially when it came to dealing with my own issues. I would distract myself so badly just so I could avoid the obstacle that lied beside me.

My immature mind really thought that if I ran away from the obstacle then I could start fresh, but later I found out when God allowed me to run away it was only to endure a harder obstacle. The harder obstacle would later teach me the lesson I needed to learn three or four lessons ago.  I am looking for loyal people in my life, but then I recognize that I was only persistent until it was no longer beneficial to me. Those ideas could work for people and things that God says are not meant to be, but that concept will not work when God has a purpose for the obstacle in your life. Persistence gives us the results we hope for, which corresponds to having faith as it’s explained above.

4.Learn to Allow God to Defend 

When obstacles occur, it is best to always recognize who to call on! Daniel knew who to call on when matters were out of his hands. The best defense I learned from countless mistakes is fighting the obstacles with prayer and trusting him to make a way even if it takes God longer than expected.

Your best defense is to wait and be still and allow God to step in where he fits in. There is no need to continue to walk around with anxiety and depression. If you cannot find a solution to the problem then wait on God to send you the answers to your prayers. It may not come in the way you will like but he always shows up on time. Allowing God to fight your obstacles is the definition of peace within itself. God is peace.

I was once so fearful of obstacles in my life because I thought that my peace would be disturbed in my life. I thought the more obstacles that arrived in life meant I was less likely to obtain my peace. Just thinking about that thought pattern, I am noticing it is a thought produced by anxiety and wanting to control every aspect of my life. If you can connect with that my once negative thought pattern I had when I know you can understand how badly I needed peace in my life that I would allow fear to come in. Staying conscious of your thoughts is key also. Peace comes from putting God first in your life. I can admit in the past, I did not always do that.  I am still a working progress.

I am learning that obstacles are a set up for miracles to occur. Both words end with the suffix of “acles”. Obstacles close the door on human progression, but miracles open the door for spiritual intervention. We dislike obstacles so much because we all have become so arrogant with the talents and gifts God has given us. Forgetting that they are not for our users to consume. Miracles help manifest things that are yet impossible or unseen. This is where God does his best work to show us who he is. If you are going through an obstacle now, then this is a perfect opportunity for God to produce miracles in your life. Making the unseen manifest here on earth. God deserves all the Glory and you know it!


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