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Self Worth: Discovering What’s Worthy of You?

Money rules everything. Don’t get me wrong money is a necessity, but you have to ask yourself is it worth more than you? We live in a society where it is praised upon to sell your soul for green paper? Many aren’t able to recognize it because it is a part of their family customs and traditions. 

  Desperate times leads to desperate matters. Self-worth requires that you value who you are as a person. Having self-worth means that you recognize that you are a good person and you know you deserve love and respect. 

When you sell your soul for material possessions, you sacrifice your self-worth. Many confuse how much they make or their financial worth and compare it to their internal worth (self-esteem). 

    It is so easy to measure your self worth to material possessions because it’s flashy, vibrant, expensive, and attractive. To be honest these are all qualities we wish we have within ourselves. I believe we buy things that represent and express who we are or who we wish to be! 

  Until you discover who you are and understand how valuable you; you will never measure your worth based on financial offer, successes, and achievements. Here are four simple tips on how to build your self-worth. 

1.Create A Space 

   Creating space for yourself whether it’s in your home, outside, or inside that’s safe enough to explore your emotions and to listen to the next steps in your life from God or Divine spirit guides. Space should be your self-love and self-worth Sanctuary. This is where you remove self-judgment or criticism, but you sit in a place with God and become one with self. 

 You create your space. A space that is free from distractions, toxicity, and heavy &negative energy. Ensure you show compassion, peace, and hope towards yourself. These aspects will carry you along your journey of obtaining self-worth for yourself with hopes of inspiring others. 

2.Sit in Stillness 

Vividly speaking, I have struggled with my own self-worth. Asking myself am I worthy of what I know I deserve. It sounds backward right?  Sometimes you can know what you deserve because life gave situations or people that taught you what you did not know or want. The challenge is going through the phase of I am worthy of what I know I deserve. 

Exactly, this example explains the steps of figuring out your self-worth. After pain and struggle, it is a constant fight against self to train your mind to produce thoughts of love, peace, and worthiness of self. 

It is one thing to desire to have something, but there will be another growth opportunity for you to recognize if you are worthy of what you say you want or need. This is definitely a moment to sit in stillness to begin to ask yourself an honest question about the current stage in your life. 

   Begin to talk to your therapist to help you figure out what within you prevents you from feeling worthy of what you know you deserve. It’s a process to figure out, but do not give up because you will never know who you would’ve been had you felt your emotions and proceeded to move on.

3. Be Vulnerable With Self & Ignore Moonlight People

  In order to build self-worth outside of material possessions. You must be vulnerable with yourself and remove the mask that you wear all day at work, school, around family members and even your self on a consistent basis that you build to ignore pain and suffering in your life. 

  Your pain will help lead you to your next remarkable moment or a new level of who you are. Remember your goals is always to evolve and not to get stuck in who you once were but embrace who you are now. 

As you become more vulnerable with self and confidence in what you bring to the table of your life. There will be people who see your fulfillment and happiness in self and try to send moonlight instead of sunshine in your life.  Be aware and keep your distant. Inspire those people to send sunshine instead of moonlight by sustaining the peace, love, and joy that God has given you. Guard your heart.

  Be vulnerable with yourself will also help you to assess the people you have in your life currently to see if they support you as a person, not your goals, money, or success story. Find people who love you for you. This is another way to build your self-worth. You need people who will build you up not rip you apart. 

4. Make Building Your Self-esteem A Lifetime Goal

   It seems like the older you get, the more baggage you are able to contain. The more baggage we have, the more we are subjected to depleting our self-esteem than building it. 

  Building your self-esteem will help you with sustaining your self-worth. Life will throw you blows and detours all the time, but it is up to you to prove that you are worthy of what God says you can have versus what people say. 

  Making building your self-esteem as a lifetime goal will keep you in a place where you constantly working on discovering who you are and embracing the detours, setbacks, delays, and breakthroughs because you know that all are working for your greater good. 

You should be your only influencer to build your self-worth because that way you do it for yourself and not because others believe you should. 

   Choose today to do things that bring more love, peace, light, and joy into your life. This is not utopia speaking but this is your God-given gift that you deserve but you must connect with God to see he deserves for you to have. 


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