Spiritual Sunday

Spending With A Purpose

Never tell your Right hand what the Left hand is doing. That’s an old saying that means keep your business to yourself and don’t tell the next person your next move.

I reached a point, where I needed to overcome the feeling of nostalgia to begin to spend money more fruitfully (producing useful or desired results).  Money is a touchy subject, where many of us are told not to discuss money matters with anyone because of people’s negativity of jealousy, envy, manipulation, begging, and nosiness.

I come from a family of what I call ghetto boogie, where we have a lot of class and character; but we also side  with proving our images through clothes, name brand clothes, money flashing, displaying our next moves to everyone for recognition. Some may be more discrete with it and others maybe do it boldly.

Since I come from a family as such that’s means I carry those same aspects in self. There is no shade because it’s all truth and love at the end of the day. I’m telling you this because I had to break those habits. The more I operated with characteristics that was not my true self, I faced more rumors, insults, and lies.

I recognized that I couldn’t control other people’s actions but I could control what I tell others. This mindset comes when you heal from the aspect of proving a point to others. I will not lie, I had issues with spending money. I can save but I had stronger sense to spend. I am evolving from the point of spending from an emotional standpoint verses spending with a purpose. That involved spending when I’m sad, upset, or excited.

At one point, I kept seeing a statement on Pinterest that stated, “It doesn’t matter how much you make but how much you spend.” When I saw this statement, it was conviction for me because I knew it was time to begin spending more fruitfully. What I mean by that statement is that I am working towards building a foundation verses building an image for myself. I pray you decide too also!

Many are affected by the government shutdown, where many are not able to pay their bills and so forth. There are many things that are affecting the way others are eating and sleeping. One key of advice I can give for those who are facing financial crisis. Financial crisis is a perfect opportunity for you to begin to develop a habit of spending with a purpose and realize the money you are making is not for you to spend on self but share with others.

You are and can be in a position, where you can be the answer to someone’s else prayer. Financial is also another opportunity to confront bad habits that are causing a separation within your family dynamic. Always know that God will provide even if it’s less than what you were making previously. God will teach you how to live with enough verse living to gain more in life. These are all the lessons I learned from facing financial crisis.

I feel when you are working for the good of Lord and you have a caring heart. Your character is established by the trials and tribulations you face! We all must get to a point, where we begin to spend more fruitful, where we spend to accomplish goals for the good us and others.

The things God provides for us is not for us to brag and to prove to others how they aren’t working as hard as we are. It’s opportunity for us to tell and show others how God works in mysterious ways.

Imagine how fast your life can change if you live your life for God and not for self. Tell others how God is provider when bills need to be paid and financial advisor when you need to get out of debt! From life experiences, here is 5 ways I began to spend more fruitfully with hopes of sharing my testimony with you:

 1.Proverbs 24:5-6CEV, Wisdom brings strength, and knowledge gives power. Battles are won by listening to advice and making a lot of plans.”

   I am not always the one for planning, but I have noticed that when it comes to accomplishing goals and spend with a purpose-planning is necessary. Trials and tribulation brought forth growth and fruit, which mean wisdom is produced. Learning from bad spending habits from the past and focusing on your goals will help you fight the battle of debt and stay out of debt as you continue to evolve. With student loans and credit card debt, I do not want to keep borrowing money from others and owing a large percentage back. I can only do it for so long, but it is not the way I attend to live my life. I hate owing people, which why I will go without. That may be a prideful thing, I may have to work on also. Don’t judge I am still evolving.

I lean towards asking myself: Do I really need this? How will this benefit me in the long-term? I have also sought out many different debt programs through credit unions and nonprofit organizations. Seek out advice from others or pray for God to send you an answer to your prayers. This worked best for me and always ends up surprising by giving me more than I asked for.

2.Proverbs 14:1CEV, A Woman’s Family is Held Together by Her Wisdom, but It Can Be Destroyed by Her Foolishness.”

Reading this verse was hard for me while going through a major change of spending from an emotional standpoint verse goal-oriented standpoint. I talk about the fear of lack and loss because it was a hard battle I had to overcome and hard battle many are facing currently. Everyone believes that money equals freedom, which is unfortunate. I believed that the concept for most of my life also, which was why it was so hard for me to break away from it. I fought against learning anything other than what I knew growing up.

Going through a situation where I was placed in a position to provide for those in the household, kept me in constant fear of lack of loss so much that I worry about every little expense. I believe I feared lack and loss because I never wanted to show anyone that I was an insufficient person. What I mean by that is I did not want to give others the ability to think I wasn’t handling business for self and loved ones properly. As women, we are always tearing others down especially when others reflect an aspect of ourselves that we are not willing to embrace yet. We place judgment on others without providing others with wisdom we faced from past experiences. We judge because we made it out and they did not. This is what I call a poverty mindset that so many are afraid to walk away from including myself at one point.

There was a moment when I was living my life to impress others.   When a financial crisis occurred, I did not want anyone to see me in a failing position because I knew I would face more rumors, lies, and “ I told you speeches”.  If I knew better, I would have. Another reason, I was so fearful of lack and lost was because I was not ready to give up my wants for the need of my love ones. I know its selfish statement, but it is a true statement. I had a point to prove, but my fantasy of having a point to prove was destroying the loved ones around me. Most of the time I allowed my emotion of fear to send me in rage over current financial circumstances we were facing.

I am a firm believer that women set the tone of the household. What I mean by that her strength, values, and beliefs will either sustain the family or separate the family. The choice is yours. Let’s lead with love, peace, joy, and unconditional love. Let’s stay away from proving an image to others (other women), living in fear, being so materialistic, and overruled with feeding out insecurities while teaching others to do the same. Leading with wisdom will help you spend with purpose and stop another family from tearing apart.

Proverbs 14:24 CEV, “ Wisdom can make you rich, but foolishness leads to more foolishness.”

3.Proverbs 14:14 CEV, You Harvest What You Plant, Whether Good or Bad.”

If you spend more than your income, then you are harvesting more debt. I am not sure why the endorphins (the happy hormone) in my brain would raise when whenever I spent money. That was a bad habit because there was no room for a foundation to be built. My generation of millennials and generation Z are beginning to find different ways to live a more fulfilling life with more freedom involved.

This bible verse kept me disciplined in recognizing that what I plan today will affect me tomorrow (future). If I hope to have a good harvest then I must change my toxic ways and begin to plant good seeds to produce good fruit. I do not want my labor to be done in vain, where I am walking with the darkness of despair, stress, anxiety. I do not want to accept that way of living especially when the bible is providing me with wisdom to be better. In the words of Maya Angelou, “ Do the best you can until you know better than when you know better, do better.

 4.Proverbs 17:3 CEV,“Silver and Gold are Tested by Flames of Fire; Our Thoughts Are Tested by The Lord.”

When you are learning to spend with a purpose, God will take funds away and strip you. When he sees, your bad habits doing more damage than good for your life especially when he has higher plans for you.

Once, that lesson is learned than he will bless you, but it is at that moment your thoughts will be tested. This is when you and God will know if you have learned your lesson to spend with a purpose versus spending from an emotional standpoint. Pass the test so you can manifest more fruit to share with others. Check out Keeping Your Peace to learn how to keep your peace when obstacles arrive. Conquer your thoughts by looking at your current situation to evolve and walk in your true path.

5.Proverbs 21:5 CEV, “If You Plan and Work Hard, You Will Have Plenty; If You Hurry to Get Rich, You Will End Up Poor.”

Those get rich quick scheme come fast, but usually, end early. I am not sure about you, but I know I want something that will be long-term. According to CNBC, “Lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three to five years than the average American. This is interesting to me.

Since many did not learn to spend with a purpose or save with a purpose, it leads them to be back where they were before. This also proves that statement I saw on Pinterest that said, “ It is not about how much you make but it’s how much you spend. I am not the one for time, but learning to spend with a purpose is a process that can only be achieved with time. If we learn to embrace the time to grow financially and develop a plan for our future goal then we will begin to see an increase in our income.

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