The Crown Effect: 5 Ways To Believe The “I Am” Within

The Crown lays within the soul,but it’s the enduring and learning from your suffering that promotes change. The change within leads to the “Effect”. 

    The crown effect is not about having power and using your power to commit evil! The gifts and the talents that lie within, are meant to be used to promote positivity and bring Glory to the Lord. 

   True power comes from the Lord, who promote your gifts to prosper in life. The promotion of your gifts leads to abundance on Earth as it is in Heaven. True power requires strength, endurance, faith, love, and compassion.  

   With all the pain, suffering and the healing that has occurred opened the door to me accepting my crown as a Queen inherited from the Kingdom of God. 

   Inheriting the crown requires you to develop the traits of humility, peace, self-discipline, self-love, self-care, and confidence of knowing that “ I Am” lays within.  

    “I Am” represents the indefinite power that God placed in us to promote his will in this world. 

   We are heirs of God’s Kingdom. Heir is defined as one who inherits the entitlement to succeed to a hereditary rank, title, or office. 

Romans 8:17-17 (NIV) states, “ “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.”

Here are fives ways to believe “ I Am” within.

1.Let go restraints and constraints in your life.

   Having restraints and constraints stop us from moving forward in life. They allow us to be stuck in moments that no longer exist.

     We began to stay stuck on what could be, what is not, and how things could have turned out. In reality, all of those illusions are out of our control, and they disarm the power that lie within us. 

  We all have our limits and conditions that we believe in that keep us from going as far as we need to in life. We hold on to what others have said and done to us in the past. From our hurt, we create walls around us to protect from other’s opinions and their physical pain.  

  A lot of the times the best and the hardest thing to do is to let go of what was and embrace what is! The walls we have built to protect ourselves are only demolishing our destiny and purpose.

Everything people said about you negatively on what you could do and what you are. It’s only meant to see if you believe what God has said to be true about your identity.  

We all have that voice within that speak to who we truly are whether it’s weird, sour, powerful, and unpopular to the world! The voice means something to the Lord. Ask yourself who are you truly?  Began to listen to the voice within.

2.Listen to the voice within

    The interesting thing is that many of us hear the voice within but very few of us listen to it. It does the soul no good to ignore the voice that lies within.

   We are taught to listen to the experts in life to tell us what should be in our lives, but most of the time we are our own experts because we are the only ones living in our shoes. What is the voice within telling you about who you are? 

3.Trust the voice within

     In order, to activate the voice within, it is best to trust the voice within because the voice within is connected to the spiritual realm. 

   You need to know that the voice within is connected to God. You will not have to worry about being steered in the wrong direction. 

   The true voice within will always bring peace, love, and compassion! If the voice within promotes fear and negativity. You will know that you are operating in dark area of the spiritual realm.

4.Become the voice within

Becoming the voice has everything to do with action. You have to believe and God will make sure you receive. Becoming the voice within requires some suffering meaning you have to endure some trials and tribulations. 

    The trials and tribulations faced will help you recognize the spirit voice verses the voice of the enemy or others who are sent as a distraction to throw you off your course. 

   Becoming the voice requires courage because you have to rely on the voice within to lead you in life to keep you from distracts or harm. 

5.Enjoy the abundance that God wants to distribute to you. 

  God is not selfish. No matter how others try to mishandle his words. He wants to give us everything we deserve to have, but only if we are equipped to receive it. 

    God does not care about how talented you are to receive the gift,but are you able to handle what he is willing to give you. God’s purpose for us is to always make sure we level up in life, but restraints and constraints keep us in bondage. 

Bondage stops you from leveling up in life, if a person does level up in life. It may not be the capacity that God wished it to be. 

   The main thing God wants us to do is believe and trust him with the purpose for our life because he will make sure he provides when we are in transitioning in life. He sends us signs when danger may be around or when distraction is near. 

God truly cares for our wellbeing like no body here on earth does! His love is so sincere and his respect for you is magnificent.  Real and true power on earth is God’s power, which can only be located through prayer and obedience. 


       In Exodus 3:13-15 (KJV) this is the verse where Moses is asking who he should say God is when the children of Israel ask who sent him to deliver the message to the children of Israel to free them from Egypt to a land filled with milk and honey.  

God responded to Moses by stating, “ I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.”

    There you have it! God is the “I am” and the “I am” lives within you. God’s Kingdom is true royalty of love, peace, compassion, faith, and hope.  

   All you have to do is release, listen, trust, become, and enjoy. The crown effect is waiting for you to arrive to make sure you arrive with discipline, dignity, and integrity. 

  What you waiting for? When you accept your crown and someone asked who are you. You should respond like God did. You are the “ I Am”, who was chosen by God to bring good into this world. 

  Don’t allow anyone to take what you worked so hard to obtain, sustain, and maintain once you have it! You earned it! 

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