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The Time is Now To Add More Light To Our Darkness: Mental Health

Unfortunately, we have faced a lot of tragedies recently in the United States involving innocent people dying in the hands of one person due to mental health issues.  Like the recent California bar shooting this past week. We can walk around with fear and continue to go by our business speaking superficially about material possessions, titles, promotions, or Accolades. Or we can begin to look at ourselves and do the work within so another life can be spare. We must understand that darkness lives within all of us, where it may come easier to some than others.

When will we decided to humble ourselves, and began to look around us and see how many people are walking around looking depressed, anxious, miserable, or overwhelmed. Many of us will keep up with the lives of other stars as if they are God, who can relieve us our pain and suffering. We are choosing to overwork ourselves especially around the holidays because our families, children, and love ones need to have the best of the best to show off to others. We must ask ourselves at one time or another what is truly important to us. Does showing true love through actions truly outweigh winning and show boasting necessary. The true question we must ask ourselves do we always have be the best at everything. We must learn that losing many builds character, and there are many walking around lacking in such.

I am truly passionate about mental health because I have suffered myself and I had family members who suffered also, which was one of my cousins who eventually killed my Grandmother with a shot gun in the head. Due to many sufferings and dealing with their own failed issues fail to recognize how serious mental health really is.  Mental health not something you can solve with one solution for example: Taking Meds. In the western culture, we are taught that taking a pill will cure everything, headaches, anxiety, depression, obesity, or etc. The common remedy to cure our sorrows or depression today also involves substance abuse, but no one ever seem to call on the name of Jesus when in need. I feel for everyone person who has lost a love one to gun violence in the hands of an individual with a serious mental health issue. It is deep hurt, but we must begin to recognize that we are all interconnected.

If I did know anybody, but God is giving us a wakeup call. I could be controversial and make it a race, class, sex, or age thing, but I feel that paying attention to those clauses allows us to lose focus on the issue as a whole. If I did not know any better, but there are many people who need more love, perseverance,  gentleness, and someone to hold them accountable to their action (Not through punishing) than anything else. We are taught multiple ways to take care of our physical attributes (Hair, Nail, and ect.), but not much about mental health. Suffering from any mental health issues result from generational curses which are sins left unforgiving that have been passed down from generations to generations, learned behaviors, negative thoughts, poor diet, exhaustion (Not enough sleep), burnt out (overwhelmed spiritually, emotional, mentally, and physically), unprocessed or unhealed trauma from a recent or past events.

There are many living a very hard life, in which many cannot began to imagine. I admit, I am find myself worrying about the financial part of my life because I yearn to win in every area of my life. I learning to restructure my brain in thinking through positive self-talk that losing also works out for my greater good, that failures is in opportunity for me to gain an upgrade of self. In fact, the good, bad, and the ugly will always serve me good.

There are many people walking around attached to strongholds that they try to fix themselves without the will and the help of God. Many are walking around with no light dimming in their mirrors in front because they are so focus on the shadow behind them in the rearview mirror. The best thing I learned spiritually about fighting darkness that one I must embrace the darkness because without darkness there would be no light. Two, I must be aware of the darkness within, and recognize that it doesn’t make me a bad person. Three, the best way to fight darkness is to continue to open myself up to the light which is so easy to receive.

It is only hard to embrace Jesus and God when there is a stronghold placed upon us that looks like our sorrow, pride, jealousy, lust, envy, greed, gluttony, and depression, insecurities, and selfish ways. We must recognize that light is within everyone, but there many people walking around with their adult images with a trauma-infected immature mind.

We must continue to let others know what the symptoms of mental health looks like and the many different resources out there that can help. We must also know that we cannot heal ourselves properly without the will of the Lord, who will guide us, shape us, mold us, and grow us up into who he needs us to be. Sometimes I am get excited to see that many people are still appreciative of the true heartfelt things in life such as love, consideration, empathy, sacrifice, peace, authenticity, and gentleness because those are the things that touches the soul of others.

That always restores my hope. We have many people walking around in isolation because they cannot trust others with their own issues or vice versa. Many are afraid to love again, but God is the only one who can teach us and give us the strength to love again because true love never fails. The interest thing is that it takes the wrong acts of love or relationships to fail us that God can show us the true way, so will never be confusing to us again.

Matthew 11:28-29 CEV states, “If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest. Take the Yoke I give you. Put it on your shoulders and learn from me. I am gentle and humble, and you will find rest.

Life is not about serving ourselves with the American Dream, but Life is about serving others ensuring that we share the Lord in our own heart with others. Letting them know there is light at every dark tunnel, and that God is the business of giving out unlimited chances in life because he knows and understands us not to be perfect. God and Jesus equates Love on another level that many of us have not experienced yet. I am still growing in God’s Love and Grace. If you are ready to begin the cycle of setting yourself free from mental health issues and start loving the person you are now. Begin, connecting with Jesus and God in your alone time through prayer. God is ready to hear from those in need of healing, deliverance, break though, and freedom within.

Joel 2:12 CEV, “It isn’t too late. You can still return to me with all your heart. Start crying and mourning! Go without eating.” It is time to give up what is no longer serving you and trust God to replace it with something better.

It is time to give up what is no longer serving you and trust God to replace it with something better.





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