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Toxicity: Food Counts

Sometimes when your schedule is busy, and you have no time to eat; it’s easy to find things to eat that’s quick and fast. Well, that’s been my life lately. There are different strokes for different folks, which means not everyone has to decide to become a vegetarian or vegan! But you can find different ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits to your diet, or avoiding eating habits of greed and gluttony. I use to have a bad habit of eating when I was not hungry, eating when I was bored or eating too much until I cannot move. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy eating fried food and certain sweets, but I do have to watch my intake. The unfortunate thing is that the more I change, the more sensitive my body gets.

This resulted in me letting go of meat. The more I ate meat, the more my face would break out. It was either the chicken (meat) or my face. Anyone who knows me know that I enjoy eating chicken, but I had to let our relationship go. I’m sorry I had to pick my face because I cannot continue to walk around with sausage pizza face. Once my face broke out badly about three months ago, I began to take in consideration that certain foods were toxic for me, which mean that they no were longer nurturing to my body. Along with my toxic behavior, it was now time to let go of some toxic foods and meat was one of them.


If you take the time to listen to your body, your body will begin to tell you what foods no longer agree with you. I believe our common mistakes is ignoring the body’s signs and continuing to commit to bad habits that no longer serve we are. This corresponds to those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and mental health issues. I mentioned before when you feel bad, you are attracted to things that cause harm to your mind, body soul, and spirit. This involves people, place, things, and foods. There is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). When you are growing spiritually, it is important that you eat foods that nurture the body instead of harming the body. What you put in your body contributes to the way you think, move, and feel overall. It improves our overall well-being.


I notice when I am eating fast food and take-out, I end up feeling lethargic, bloated, slow, and a foggy brain (forgetful). When I was depressed, I enjoyed the food that made me feel this way. I thought I was treating myself at the time, but realistically I was putting my body through more harm than imagine. If you are not careful, some of the foods you eat will allow the depressed mood you are in to continue. I need to eat healthy because my life truly depends on it. This involves spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have tried eating my way and it did not measure up to my true self. Do not get me wrong, I still treat myself. I ensure now that I eat my special treat in moderation. Hey, I like to eat healthily, but it must be food with good favor.


I notice I tend to crave salt when I’m angry, sweet when I feel lonely, and greasy stuff when I am stressed or overwhelmed. When I was feeling the worst about myself, I settled for hormonal acne, imbalanced hormones, and depression because I felt I did not deserve to feel anything else. When I was filled with guilt, shame, sorrow, and pain, I settled for many things that were less than who I was. It wasn’t until I got tired of my toxic eating habits that I began to research different ways to make my body, mind, and spirit feel better. I knew a pill or a trendy diet would make me feel better, but changing my eating habits and incorporating healthy foods into my lifestyle would be the only way. Cutting old eating habits is hard, and sometimes it takes life to push us into change. Here are 3 tips I tried to help me cut out toxic eating habits and food:


1.Drink Enough Water 

Ok, I can admit it. I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should lately. I have been eating more than drinking. This is not a bad habit considering the human’s body is made of mostly water. Sometimes when we are busy or stress with so much, we confuse our thirst for hunger. Eating more than we are drinking can leave you to feel bloated or unable to use the bathroom. When I am busy, I tend to forget to drink more water.

When I am dehydrated, my skin tends to look dull, I wake up with severe headaches, and I cannot seem to think straight. I know it may sound dramatic, but it’s true. Lately, I have been busy, so know I am making a conscious decision to begin carrying a water bottle with me again. I lost the last one. After healing from certain toxic behaviors, I am learning that my body needs all the fluid it needs. Sometimes, when we feel unloved or used to suffering, we settle for behaviors that lead us to feed our bodies less than what we deserve. When I am dehydrated I also will drink water with electrolytes that help to regulate your blood pressure and control your fluid balance in your body.

If water is not your favorite to drink, then you can try adding fruit like lemon (my favorite), strawberries, cucumbers, and mint.  When you use fruit, it adds a natural flavor to the water and gives you more added nutrients. Drinking warm lemon water in the morning will also start your day right, where it serves as a natural detox that hydrates your body and skin.  If you decided to try water with fruit, then you are winning the best of both worlds. You are receiving hydration and nutrients. Go ahead and treat your body right.

2. Eat Breakfast (Smoothie Preferred)

When I was younger, I did not like to eat breakfast. I felt it made me get tired easily. I later found out that I was just eating the wrong things. Now, I must eat breakfast and my first choice is a smoothie. I enjoy drinking a green smoothie or berry smoothie. Drinking a smoothie for me is convenient and it helps me not to snack so much throughout the day. Drinking a smoothie gives me the energy I need to start my day fresh.

Here is another option, where it gives you the best of both worlds. In my green smoothie, I like to add spinach, kale, pineapple, and bananas. I mix the vegetables and fruit with coconut water or almond milk. For my berry smoothie, I tend to add spinach, blueberries, strawberries, blueberries, and pineapples. I also tend to add coconut water or almond milk to help mix the smoothie together.

I suffered from hormonal acne and imbalanced acne for a while. I decided to add protein to my smoothie to substitute for the lack of meat I eat.  I add about a teaspoon to my smoothie every morning. If you use the powder, you can say bye to a cup of coffee every morning. I decided to add maca powder to my smoothie, which gives me energy and helps me to balance my overall body. Maca powder enhances fertility and sex drive. Maca powder is filled with nutrients such as protein, fiber, fat, vitamin C, copper, iron, potassium, vitamin B6, and manganese. Maca powder improves your mood such as anxiety and depression while improving your learning and memory.

Using maca powder can be good for someone who suffers from imbalanced hormones or hormonal acne. The powder can be incorporated into smoothies, yogurt or baked goods.

If you do not like smoothies, you can always incorporate fresh fruit or omelet with vegetables for breakfast. Breakfast should be fun because it’s the best way to start your day right by eating your favorite breakfast meal. I know it’s a good day when I have time to make a big breakfast that consists of a vegetable (spinach, tomatoes, and onion) omelet with feta cheese, waffles, roasted potatoes, and sometimes meatless sausage. You do not know what you are missing.

  1. Plan Your Meals

 I plan my meals by going to the store on the weekend and taking a day to cook and store my meals for the week. That is when life is sweet and the thing is going the way I expect. When life is not going in the way I expect. I decided to try to get my meals delivered in the mail. I decided to try HelloFresh, where I grab the vegetarian meals, where you get three meals every week starting at 6.99/ per meal.

In the box, they provide you with the ingredients for each meal, which is enough servings for two people. You can also purchase a meal plan for a family of four. They will also provide you with a recipe to cook the meal they ship out every week. All the meals take about 30 minutes to take. To me, HelloFresh is a lifesaver, where it saves me time while it gives me the advantage of cooking meals that are picked for me and it gives me the versatile I like with meals. I would recommend that you try HelloFresh.

When I am not ordering HelloFresh, I am still planning my meals, where I am getting healthy recipes from Pinterest. I advise you to plan your meals because it gives you the discipline you need to stay consistent with your health goals. The time it takes to wait in line to grab food could be the time you take to cook and plan your meals. Planning my meals ensure that Incorporate the vegetables and fruit I need to keep my body feeling.

Many people think that toxicity considers people, places, or things, but you’re eating habits play a big role also. When you eat good, you feel good. When you feel good, you can become a better you for those around you. Living your best life and eating wisely is good for your well-being. You deserve to treat your body right by adding more years to your life. Please do not self-sabotage yourself anymore. You deserve better and your body does too.



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