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What I Gained From Oprah & Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation

It’s scientifically proven that it takes the mind 21 days to develop an habit. Meditation is a good habit to implement into your life. Oprah And Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation is a great place to start. 

     Practicing stillness is vital for the spirit to connect with God and your higher self. I was in process of becoming into my own; stillness and peace was what I needed in order shed the old and began to live in the new. 

   I was at point in my life, where I was facing many trials and tribulations. I was heading into change but I was afraid to endure it!  I was nervous because of what life had already given me, and what life was awaiting to offer me. I was functioning in the spiritual realm with hopes of manifesting my true desires in life. I just did not know how to do it. 

My life was very chaotic at the time. My schedule carried everything besides God and myself. I was squeezing every bit of time I had for the both of us. I was working 25 hours a week with teenage girls, going to school full time,attending to my family needs and wants, and healing in the process of it all. I needed to a break and change in my life. I grew overwhelmed and drained of energy.

Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation saved my life. I was finally at a recovery stage in my life, where I was able to breathe and take a break when this session arrived. I was starting to embrace the life God had given me and beginning to manifest the life that I desired in have withing my mind, body, soul, and Spirit. 

  Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation is offered for free on their app at least two or three times a year. You can purchase their meditation through the app or CD’s with different topics to follow. The meditation is 20 minutes long, where they focus on daily mantras. 

The topic I chose to participate in was The Energy of Attraction: Manifesting Your Best Life. This topic arrived on time in my life. I was in desperate need of an new lifestyle. It was amazing to experience how much this meditation connected to my life at that particular moment. Here is what I gained from the 21-Day Meditation:

1.Peace &Serenity

    The peace and serenity gained within this meditation is unbelievable. I have done meditation in the past, but not from the level I experienced with the 21 day meditation. 

I was finally able to become present in the moment, where worrying was not an option. I did not have an urge to overthink or overreact when I face challenging situations. It allowed me to experience true peace.  It’s a type of peace, where you feel like you are high on life. I was able to think clearly making sure I was aligned with the peace my soul was yearning for. 

2.New Perspective About My Life

     I ignited spiritually on a deeper level, where I was more in tuned with my third eye. The third eye is located in the center of your forehead between both eyes. It’s the center piece that connects to your soul giving wisdom. I always felt that having expectations would give me my best life. I felt that the more expectations I had that more fulfilled I would feel and be in life. 

It changed my attitude towards my life, in which I was becoming pessimistic, narrow-minded, and entering into darkness off an on. The 21 Day Meditation became the proper tool along with prayer to help me gain the light within. 

3.Gain More Spiritual Knowledge 

    I would place a lot my attention on the things I did not want in life rather than the things I truly desired to have. I thought putting my focus on fighting the old would make the old disappear, but it is actually focusing on the new and building it works best. I learned that my attention activated my desires in life. Since, I was so focused on the problems in my life they began to expand and maximize, which also led me to focus more on lack and loss. 

   I was unaware that I had the ability to manifest my desires naturally and effortlessly. I thought everything required an hustle and bustle mentality. Due to the peace of mind I had already gain, I was able to tap in my creativity more. My creativity allows me to be a co-creator with God. Lastly, I discovered that gratification over my life and circumstances opened the door for divine manifestation. 

4.Closer Connection With God

Since I at a place of stillness and peace. I was able to pay attention and be alert of the signs that God was able to show me in the Universe. I began to connect with God on a deeper level, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically; which also promoted more healing within.

I was able to gain more trust in his presence recognizing that my trials and tribulations were only stepping stones in life. My trials and tribulations were meant to help me grow out of what no longer served me and into the new that God needed me to walk in. Where trust was gained in the relationship, building faith followed. Those two aspects allowed me to discover that all things were truly possible if I believed (Mark 9:23). 

There are many different ways to practice meditation, but Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation is my favorite. Meditation does take some time get use too especially if you are used to moving around. It may feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but by the end of the 21 Days. You will adjust to it, which is the purpose of practicing. 

  It helped me so much that Meditation has become a routine for me ,where I tend to feel incomplete if I do not take time to meditate properly. I shared this with you all with hopes that maybe this meditation could help you just like it helped me. 

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