You Deserve The Hope You Yearn For


There is nothing more frighten than facing a difficult situation in life with no sense of direction, guidance, and instructions. God knew what he was doing when he created me! God created me so I would always depend on his direction, guidance, and instruction no matter what situation was. The problem from past experiences was that I would relie deeply on others to direct, guide, and instruct me into the path I was desired to go. When I was looking for others to help me, I would  either get bamboozled, mislead, or misguided.

It took countless situations and circumstances for me to understand that it was not meant for me to be guided, lead, and instructed by others. It was time for me to allow Jesus to lead me to places I could never dream of. Thinking about this was a bit frighten for me because I have always presented myself to be self-sufficient, where I thought I could only rely on my own thoughts and wisdom. Not knowing that I was being feed by my own ego; but I was also not allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me in all areas in my life.

Facing countless situations, where my time was wasted or I spent most of my time focusing on too many things at once. I began to lose hope in life and present situations because things in my life appeared to be too hard for me to handle. I lost many battles with quitting things in life too soon such as personal romantic relationships, business ideas, and networking opportunities. I was tired of taking L’s (losses) in life, where I knew my life was not set up for me to follow my own path, but to finally time for me to allow God to guide, lead and instruct me all areas of my life.  Here are five ways I gained hope in life:


It’s a simple concept that many tend to take for granted including myself. The world is full of hopeless situations, but if you don’t remember anything from this blog post. Remember all you must do is believe. Believe in the Higher One, the One who created you and believe that your life serves a great purpose. There should be a sense of relieve within to know that you were created for a time such as now. I call my higher one God or Jesus, but I feel everyone has a different interpretation of who their higher power is.

2.Set Your Intentions for the Situation or Circumstance

You will go through many different and difficult situations in life, but you must always make sure that your intentions correspond to the outcome you aspire to have. Your intentions create your reality and it manifest the vision you dream to have. The soul knows what it wants and needs.  You must be still enough to allow your soul to connect with your inner-knowing to live out your desire outcome. Trust your current situation or circumstance may be overbearing for another person, but this different situation or circumstance was designed for your life to help you grow and develop into your higher self. You deserve to raise not sink!

 3.Raise with Faith

One of my beloved bible verses that helped me get through some very hard situations is  Hebrews 11:1,“Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. “Faith corresponds with hope. Your faith can be size of a mustard seed and God will still extend his Grace to you.  Have faith in God that your struggle is shaping you into the person, you prayed God to create you to be. Have faith that you will find another job that better suits who you are.

Have faith that you find true love in your life because you are worthy of having all you deserve to have plus some.  Have faith today that God has not forsaken you in this heart-aching situation. Have faith that you were born to be a champion, who wins every battle that heads your way.

4.Reorganize and Restructure Your Plan

When stress began to raise above your head with your family, financials, and job, it may be a great opportunity to start restructuring and reorganizing your life. Your life now may have come into a season, where you can no longer complete a task in the same way and get a different outcome. Our lives are meant to be versatile. When we are open to versatile our creativity within began to develop. You were born to fly not sunk. Begin to create some structure and order into your life, so that things in your life will began to go more smoothly. You deserve peace. Creating order, structure, and organization will help you create the peace you needed within.

 5.Pray and Push Through

I had to save the best for last because I wanted to emphasis the importance of praying and pushing your way through. Hope requires prayer and pushing your way through even when the situation looks daunting. We deserve to see what life can offer us. There have been countless times in my life, where life looked very daunting. I had no choice but to pray my way through because I had no one around who could understand me. I refused to give up. Instead of staying low; I decided to raise above and pray to God.

I knew he was my only option, who could help me see my way through. I guarantee God will help you push and see your way through also. I don’t care what anyone has told you, but God is a great investment to consider. You will always profit from the decisions and actions from him because he holds the greatest interest of life.

Whether you believe it or not. It takes believing in yourself to know that there is a bigger calling and purpose upon your life; it takes your intentions to set the tone of your situation; it takes Faith to sustain your belief system of reaching for those things that are before us; It is reorganization and restructuring to help you prepare for the new that wants to blossom in your life; and finally, it takes prayer and pushing through to help you to become open to the miracles that God believe you deserve in your life.

Be purposeful today and allow the spirit of Hope to guide, direct, and instruct you in all areas of your life. In the words of Hebrew 10:23 CEV, “WE MUST HOLD TIGHTLY TO THE HOPE WE SAY IS OURS. AFTER ALL, WE CAN TRUST THE ONE WHO MADE THE AGREEMENT WITH US. Hope is meant for our keepsake nothing less.

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